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Aloha! My name is Sharon "CT" McGee and I am The Aloha Guru.

A mindset and empowerment coach based in San Diego, California, I created this website as a resource to inspire you to improve your life and optimize your health - mind, body, and spirit - using the Hawaiian philosophy of Aloha.

A biracial Vietnam War baby born in the Philippines and raised in Connecticut, I struggled with self-identity, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, body image, trauma, and undiagnosed anxiety and depression as a child and young adult. 

By 39, I started having dreams and visions that included seeing myself wearing a sundress, flip flops, and a flower in my hair while standing at the ocean's edge. Burnt out from work, heart-broken from another failed relationship, and in need of healing and self-reinvention, I determined I was experiencing a spiritual awakening and a life calling to create a wellness movement on the West Coast. At 40, I moved to San Diego to start life over.

A few years later, in an unusual chain of events, "aloha" became my mantra and the foundation for my self-love journey. Adopting an aloha mindset not only transformed my life but also became my life purpose to share it. Today, I share the wisdom I acquired from my aloha journey in my blog, podcast, and workshops.

On a mission to empower the world with love, kindness, and compassion, I use aloha to help others cultivate a positive mindset, increase their self-worth and self-esteem, build courage and confidence, create healthy habits, practice self-care, live with purpose, and transform their lives. 

Here, you'll find tips, tools, inspirational stories, and valuable information about personal growth and transformation to help you live, love, and lead with aloha.

Mahalo for stopping by!

Your Daily Aloha!

Your Daily Aloha is the positive affirmation of the day! Use it to cultivate a positive mindset, boost your "self-powers," build courage and confidence, and optimize your mental health. Say it out loud and repeat often!

Your Daily Aloha!
Doesn't it suck when you feel like everything you're doing just isn't enough? Giving your all can still feel like it's not enough. But who decides what is enough or not?

You do.

Sometimes we place such high or even unattainable expectations upon ourselves. But we don't deserve that kind of pressure. So, where does this pressure come from? It can come from constantly comparing ourselves to others.

Comparing ourselves to others and believing we should be where they are by now only creates unnecessary stress. We arrive when we're ready to arrive. We each come into our own in our own way and in our own timing. That's what makes us and our journeys each unique and special.

Placing too much pressure on ourselves and not embracing enough patience leads to feeling like we are not enough or that we are not doing enough. We also tend to place more focus on what we have not yet done than what we have already done. But failing to give yourself credit for all you are and all you have achieved is a mistake. Giving yourself credit is the key to building self-worth and self-esteem.

The best and the fastest way to achieve your goals is to first feel good enough about yourself. Feeling good about yourself builds a stronger mindset to pursue your dreams and desires. So, find a way to feel good about where you are in this moment to help carry you into the next.

To do this, first decide that you deserve to feel like you are enough. Then, decide and declare that you are enough. Then, decide and declare that you're doing enough.

To help you achieve this task, look for proof. Find evidence by making a list of all the good things you have already done, achieved, or received in your life. Focus on your best qualities and passions, too. Look for as many positive things as possible and go as far back as possible into your life if necessary. Don't leave any rock unturned. Don't just look for the good in the big things; look into the small things for what makes you great, too. You'll see that there are many great achievements in even the smallest of accomplishments.

Just because you have not yet achieved something doesn't necessarily mean you won't. It just means you haven't yet. You just need more time.

Giving yourself enough credit for what you have done in the past can help build your confidence, self-belief, and faith. This powerful combination can help build patience. It will help you see that it's only a matter of time before you achieve what you want next. In other words, focus on what's gone right in the past to help you believe that more can go right in the future if you make space for it.

Giving yourself more credit and less criticism also creates more self-compassion. Being so hard on yourself will only delay the process or discourage you from following through on pursuing your desires.

So, decide that you are enough. Declare that you're doing your best and that you're doing enough. But be honest with yourself. If you realize that you really aren't doing your best, make a commitment to boost your efforts. Lastly, decide that there's enough time to achieve your goal.

The only pressure is the pressure you place on yourself. But what's the rush? Who says it's not enough? You decide that.

Take back your power by deciding what "enough" means to you.

Live, Love, and Lead with Aloha.

To Say Your Daily Aloha:
Take a deep, cleansing breath. Inhale through your nose for three counts. Exhale for four counts. Then, exhale forcefully through your mouth over five counts. Then, say Your Daily Aloha Affirmation out loud at least three times.
For a more powerful session:
▶Look at yourself in the mirror as you say this affirmation.
▶Add smiling to help retrain your brain and boost happiness.*
▶Say this affirmation as you face a problem or situation head-on or repeat it throughout the day.

What is a Daily Affirmation:
A daily affirmation is an easy tool you can incorporate into your life to empower you to greatness. When used regularly, affirmations will help you build courage and confidence, pursue your goals and dreams, and live, love, and lead with aloha! Saying positive statements out loud daily can also improve your well-being by boosting your mood, lifting your spirits, and helping you to cultivate a more positive attitude. Your Daily Aloha Affirmation is the game-changer you need to create more positive thoughts, actions, and outcomes in your life! Use today's affirmation or find another that resonates with you in the "Your Daily Aloha Affirmations" section of this website.

* Scientists say smiling creates a happiness feedback loop in our brains. When we smile, our facial muscles fire a signal back to the brain, which increases levels of happy hormones, or endorphins.
The loop: When our brain feels happy, we smile; when we smile, our brain feels happier. Thanks to this feedback loop, we can alter our brain's emotional processing pathway to feel happier with a simple smile. Smiling also helps reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and heart rate.

Did you know?: 
The happiness level that a smile can bring to our brains is estimated as equivalent to that of having 2,000 bars of chocolate.

Source: "What's the Science Behind a Smile?" (BritishCouncil.org)

This Week's Aloha Tip

Practice this week's tip to boost your mind, body, and spirit with more love, kindness, compassion, peace, mercy, and affection. These tips will empower your life and improve your health and well-being!

This Week's Aloha Tip
There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to health and well-being. From pharmaceutical drugs, diets, and exercise to talk therapy, massage, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs, there are a million ways to help us heal. The trick is finding the one or ones that work for you - mind, body, and spirit. 

This week’s aloha tip is to try aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is s a holistic healing treatment using natural plant extracts, known as essential oils. Essential oils can be extracted from various parts of a plant -  the flower, herb, bark, roots, peels, and petals. The “essence” comes from the cells that give the plant its fragrance. Once extracted, it becomes an essential oil.

Aromatherapy is nothing new in the healing arts. In fact, it’s been around for at least 6,000 years -  just not in the form we know it today. Ancient civilizations used aromatic plants for religious purposes, perfume, and medicine. Coined "aromatherapy" by French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse in 1935, he claimed he treated his own burn injury with lavender essential oil.

According to the experts, essential oils cause a response in your skin, muscles, or joints when put on your skin. However, experts say aromatherapy is effective as a healing modality because it also activates your nose’s smell receptors, creating a fast track to boosting your well-being.

Laura Cardona, a certified aromatherapist and licensed massage therapist at Poetic Energy (website under construction) in Miami, Florida, states that inhalation is a practical way to use essential oils because of how quickly its molecules travel to the brain, bypassing the thalamus, to go directly to the limbic system. This act, she explains, evokes memory and learning.

"Our sense of smell is key to help us remain alert, warn us of any dangers, help us learn, and help soothe or stimulate our central nervous system,” Cardona said. “Inhalation creates a fast route to help decrease levels of stress, promote positivity, ground oneself, or, depending on the oil, help stimulate and clear brain fog.”

Cardona says that the two main ways to use essential oils are either aromatically (through a diffuser or an inhaler) or topically. When used topically, she emphasizes they should always be diluted with a carrier oil (such as jojoba oil) to help protect the skin.

“Citruses are very uplifting and help move stagnant energy,” Cardona said. “I love to pair citruses with a touch of peppermint for a cooling and invigorating blend. This combo also helps neutralize and rid the air of any unpleasant scents.”

Health benefits of using aromatherapy include:
  • Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Increased relaxation
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced pain and nausea
  • Boosted immunity, like fighting bacteria 
When used consistently and safely, the benefits of aromatherapy can be rewarding. Consult with a professional aromatherapist in your area for a customized plan to enhance your wellness journey today.

The Aloha Guru

The blog. The brand. The being. To understand The Aloha Guru, you must first understand the meaning and magic of "aloha" and its ability to empower your mind and transform your life.

My name is CT McGee and I am The Aloha Guru. My purpose is to help as many people as possible cultivate aloha, share aloha, and spread aloha to improve their lives and make our world a better place. But, in order to understand my purpose, you must first understand what is aloha.

What is Aloha?
"Aloha" means more than just "hello" and "goodbye," as you may have heard it. While its literal meaning is "the breath of Life," according to the Hawaiian culture, aloha is any intention, gesture, or act that brings love, kindness, compassion, peace, mercy, or affection into your life and to those around you. Therefore, aloha is a way of treating each other with love and respect and as well as living in harmony with others and Nature.

Aloha starts with learning how to love yourself and then spreading that love to others. When you have the aloha spirit, you not only cultivate positive thoughts and feelings, but you also radiate them outward. By pumping more positive vibes into the world, you create more peace and harmony within yourself, with others, and with your environment. This is living aloha!

Having the aloha spirit does not mean being perfect - always kind, positive, loving, or compassionate. While it would be nice if we were, it is more realistic to accept that we are all human. And, as humans, we all have moments when our aloha spirit can be tested. This is why I emphasize practicing aloha. Practice doesn't necessarily mean or ensure perfection. Practicing aloha, however, does create progress in your life. All you can do is your best in any given situation. Since many situations test us, every situation is an opportunity to practice aloha!

What is The Aloha Guru?
The Aloha Guru is not only the name of my blog, but it is also my brand. 
This website is a resource that includes daily affirmations, aloha tips, a wellness blog, ideas for random acts of kindness, inspirational quotes, and my "Aloha Is” series, a collection of short stories to help you find, recognize and create aloha in your own life. I also offer articles of information to help empower you to live a life of courage, confidence, and happiness.

Who is The Aloha Guru?
The Aloha Guru is not only my brand, but it is also me. Using the word "guru," to mean teacher and guide, my hope is to enlighten, empower and inspire the six elements of aloha in your life.

As an empowerment coach, empath, writer, poet, podcaster, and wellness advocate with over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I understand aloha to be any attitude, thought, or way of being or behaving that benefits your mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, I use aloha to improve myself and to improve the lives of others.

Coined "Aloha Mana Empowerment," I use aloha in my approach to coaching and empowering others to greatness. This means I use aloha to help comfort people in times of suffering, to help them heal from emotional pain, overcome challenges, dissolve conflict, solve their own problems, follow their passions, move forward with hope, lift their spirits, live with purpose, and create positive outcomes in their own lives.

In Hawaiian culture, "mana" means “magical power” or the “spiritual energy of power and strength" that exists in objects and people. In Maori culture, a person with “mana” is spiritually powerful, influential and courageous, yet humble. Therefore, I also use mana to mean the power of the aloha spirit as in the positive result of cultivating and practicing aloha. For example, by cultivating the aloha spirit, you have learned to love yourself and as a result of loving yourself more, you have been able to develop a healthy, intimate relationship with someone else. That is aloha mana.

Therefore, as The Aloha Guru, I teach, motivate, inspire and empower others with the power of love, kindness, compassion, peace, mercy and affection to help them create a life of optimal health, happiness and success. My methods include mindset and personal coaching and public speaking. On my YouTube channel, The Aloha Guru, I perform poetry about "My Pineapple Posse," a tool used to raise awareness and address the struggles young people have today with low self-esteem and lack of self-worth.

What is the Power of Aloha?
Aloha strengthens your mindset and your sense of self or, as I call them, your “self-powers.” Your self-powers include self-love, self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-belief. When you learn to cultivate love, kindness and compassion for yourself, you are more likely to have the inner strength and positive mindset to develop courage and confidence. Courage and confidence are the tools you need to pursue your goals and dreams and achieve optimal health, happiness and success. The more positive your thoughts, the more positive your actions will be. The more positive your actions, the more positive your results will be. Therefore, aloha is the key to becoming your best self and creating your best life.

We all have the power to bring aloha into our lives. But, first, you must choose to believe you deserve to love yourself and be loved by others. Secondly, you must choose to believe you have the power and the ability within yourself to make a positive difference in your own life. If you don't believe in these things or simply don't know how, I can show you. Using my collection of inspirational quotes and stories I call the “Aloha Is” series, which include examples of aloha in my own life, I will not only show you that it is possible to love and believe in yourself, but I will also show you how to cultivate, find and create aloha in your own life.

I believe that when you cultivate aloha, your whole life changes for the better - starting with your relationship with yourself as well as with others. In fact, just by changing your relationship with yourself, you change your relationship with others. How? When you think, act and treat yourself in a kinder, more loving and compassionate way, you naturally create a safer space in your mind to build the courage and the confidence needed for setting new goals, dreaming new dreams and trying new things. This boost of courage and confidence triggers positive actions that move you in the direction of your goals and dreams. As a result of your actions, people around you will change in how they respond and interact with you and the life you are creating by and for yourself.

There is no act too small or too insignificant in cultivating, sharing and spreading aloha. It all adds up. It all starts with your thoughts and attitudes and ultimately plays out in your actions. When you cultivate aloha, you believe in yourself more, you are more willing to get out of your comfort zone and you are more willing to take healthy risks. Therefore, you start taking action to create a healthier, happier and more successful you!

The power of aloha (or aloha mana) lies in the results you achieve, such as a better outlook on life; a stronger mindset; a stronger sense of self; a stronger, fitter body; a healthier marriage; healthier relationships at work; recognition or advancement in your career and a warm, nurturing home environment for your family.

  • Brings gratitude into your life.
  • Teaches you to not take people or things for granted.
  • Shows you the goodness in others.
  • Invites you to find the positive in every day.
  • Guides you to live in the moment.
  • Motivates you to move your body.
  • Broadens your mind and your horizons.
  • Urges you to move on, move forward and aim higher.
  • Helps to heal old wounds.
  • Gives you hope.
  • Creates endless possibilities.
  • Inspires true greatness.
  • Empowers you to grow, change, evolve and transform.

And, how do I know all this?
Because it happened to me....and, I believe it will happen to you!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!


Be kind to your mind and develop an aloha mindset with daily affirmations! An affirmation is an easy tool you can use to boost your self-worth, self-esteem, and confidence and empower your life with aloha! Saying positive statements out loud daily can lift your spirits, improve your well-being, and cultivate a positive attitude. Your Daily Aloha Affirmation is the game changer you need to create more positive thoughts, actions, and outcomes in your life! Try one today and repeat often!

Self-Care & Wellness

Aloha is self-love for the mind, body, and spirit. Self-love is self-care. These Aloha tips offer ways to cultivate more love, kindness, compassion, peace, mercy, and affection into your life. See how your health and well-being can improve using any one of these quick tips today.

Try Aromatherapy!

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to health and well-being. From pharmaceutical drugs, diets, and exercise to talk therapy, massage, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs, there are a million ways to help us heal. The trick is finding the one or ones that work for you - mind, body, and spirit. This week’s aloha tip is to try aromatherapy. Learn more about it here! This week’s aloha tip is to try aromatherapy.

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Personal Growth & Transformation

Transformation begins with optimizing your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This section covers self-care, personal growth, and issues that may touch your life today and transform your life forever.

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Did you ever go to prom, play a role in, or witness a promposal? I didn't. But today I did something about it. Today, I launched my "50 by 50" bucket list where I will learn, do, or try 50 new things by my birthday in October.

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Budget-Friendly Tips for a Self-Care Vacation in San Diego

With Memorial Day weekend coming up and summer planning underway, it's hard not to think about getting away. But how is it possible to afford a vacation when times are tough? Introducing this month's guest blogger Emma Grace Brown of "My Life. My Rules." Emma is on a mission to share her rules for living life on your own terms and she understands the importance of self-care. When times are tough, she believes you can be tougher. In today's blog, she offers her tips for getting a much-needed SoCal break without breaking the bank. It's beach vibes and sunshine all the way. Enjoy!

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Join my journey in spreading aloha in the world with random acts of kindness. I hope my ideas inspire you to do something today to promote kindness wherever you go!

"Bee Kind" Cupcakes

For the last day of Random Acts of Kindness Week, I made cupcakes to look like beehives. Then, Pinto and I sat outside our local Starbucks to give them out.

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Welcome to My Pineapple Posse, a collection of poems to raise awareness and address the struggles young people have with low self-esteem and lack of self-worth. Representing a young person with a unique problem, each character aims to inspire young Pineapples everywhere to help them cultivate the aloha spirit, strengthen their "self-powers," and build the courage and confidence to pursue their goals and dreams!

  •  6/11/2020 12:10

This Pineapple Posse poem is based on the true story of a 15-year-old boy in Texas whose father left his mother before he was born. While he feels lucky to have a father in the man his mother later married, he is so angry that his biological father hasn't played an active role in his life. As a result, Lucas has been carrying pain and shame with him everywhere he goes. I hope this poem spreads some love and light to him and his mom. And, I hope "Lucas" can repurpose his pain and transform his tragedy to triumph.

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  •  5/20/2020 09:40

This poem is based on a true story about Benjamin Pineapple, a 6-year-old boy who has trouble keeping up with school because he has A.D.D. He still can't read, so he feels embarrassed and ashamed. To cover up his feelings and to try to hide his problem, he horses around and ends up in trouble. But, he's not alone. Many kids and adults have A.D.D. All we can do is be brave and do our best. We all have something we have to work on. You are a superhero, Benjamin! Someday you will conquer this kryptonite and fly high above the rest!

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  •  5/5/2020 14:01

Mackenzie is a 15-year-old girl who blames her father's drinking for her parents' divorce. This poem shows her attitude, anger and sass and is recited a bit fast and furious - just like Mac herself. Mackenzie channels her pain and anger into her sports, academics and relationships with her boyfriend, mother and teammates, but she pushes her father away. It took time for her to admit how she feels and to talk about her pain, but she has great goals and aspirations for her future. After I recite the poem, I offer my Aloha Mana empowerment message where I offer her some tips and tools to help her navigate this painful chapter in her life in hopes that she can repair her relationship with her father, who is on his own journey. ***This video is a bit long but it is a heavy topic for kids of divorce and alcohol abuse. It's OK to need, ask for, and accept help from a qualified professional or support group like Teen Al-Anon as they can help you repair your relationship with someone with addiction and improve your own mental health!

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  •  4/17/2020 07:00

"Fly Guy" is a high school boy who doesn't think he's cool just because he's not like the popular dudes at school. He's not yet as tall or muscular; he doesn't wear name brand clothes or have a posse; he's not as talented in sports; and he doesn't know how to talk to girls. What makes you cool is what you think about yourself; having the courage to be yourself; and doing what makes you happy - no matter what anyone else thinks or does.

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  •  4/11/2020 23:47

Patterson Pineapple represents a young school boy who is so hard on himself for making mistakes or not being good enough to make a team or sing in choir and gets upset when things go wrong. This is a lesson in courage, believing in yourself and practicing compassion for trying new things.

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  •  4/3/2020 12:29

Meet Penelope Pineapple. She addresses the struggles teenage girls have with body image and low-self esteem from comparing themselves to others on social media.

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Welcome to my collection of short "Aloha Is" stories and moments. Each post cultivates, captures, and celebrates love, kindness, compassion, peace, mercy or affection in my life to help inspire you to find, recognize, and create aloha in your life.

My Life Story

This is my life story of how my struggles with self-acceptance, self-love, self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence starting in childhood led me on a journey in aloha and my own personal and professional transformations.

From a very young age, I struggled with self-identity and belonging. A biracial product of the Vietnam War, I was born in the Philippines in 1971 to an American Air Force serviceman and a Filipina housemaid. I was raised in Connecticut after moving to America in 1972.

All too often I heard the words, "What are you?" Never "Who are you?" or "How are you?" Just what. I even remember my own mother asking me on my first day of kindergarten, “Sharon, if they ask you what you are, what do you say?” “Mestiza?” I replied. “Correct,” she said, satisfied. That set the tone for how I felt growing up as a “half and half” (half-Filipina/half-Caucasian) in a small, preppy New England town and how little I thought about myself at that time. It also set the stage for a lifetime struggle with self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-worth, body image, and confidence.

As if identity crisis weren’t enough, I had a very strict mother who verbally abused my two brothers and me. Nothing was ever good enough for her. In fact, she would always say, "Whatever you do, you can always do better." But, better never seemed to come no matter how perfect I tried to be. Eventually, I didn't think I was good enough at anything, including just being me. She also never gave us compliments and she never said anything positive. Instead, she ruled with negative reinforcement and yelling about anyone or anything. We would want to do right by her just so we wouldn’t get yelled at and just to stop the screaming.

My mother also confused confidence with cockiness. So, she wouldn’t let me speak positively about myself at all. She insisted saying or recognizing anything good about myself was considered bragging or gloating, which she said was “ugly.”  So, I never did. Over time, all that did for me was prevent me from seeing or feeling anything positive about myself. It also meant I couldn’t handle a compliment. In fact, I was raised not to trust anyone who said anything nice about me. “They’re just being nice,” she would say. “Oh, that just means they want something from you, or they’re actually speaking bad about you behind your back.” So, compliments made me disbelieving, untrusting, and paranoid. Check, check, check.

My mother was a woman who was always working hard to provide us with the clothes, food, and necessities to live better than she did when she was a child growing up in poverty in the Philippines. She worked at the same factory as my father, where she would even work double shifts to get us as many new toys and clothes as she could for Christmas. So, while she worked extremely hard at work and at home, cooking, cleaning, and raising us three kids, this also meant a lifetime of feeling guilty for immediately having more than she did – no running water, no electricity, no phone, no TV, no car, and no education.

She was also extremely kind, warm, loving, and generous to others - not just to be a good person, but also as a tactic to be liked and accepted by others. And, she taught me to be the same way. She even taught me to always put everyone else first. So, my mother was the one to teach us how to be understanding, loving, kind, and compassionate, but she just didn't teach us how to be that way with ourselves. And, when your mother screams or doesn't speak to you in a very loving, kind, or compassionate way over the course of 18 years or more, it can destroy all sense of self - your self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, and self-belief to start. And, that is all I really craved at that point – to feel good, to feel like I was good enough, to feel like I mattered, and to feel good about myself.

Instead, I was always anxious and defensive. I never knew what I would be called next or when. I never knew when something would be my fault, even if it wasn’t, like her marriage. I never knew when or with whom she would be angry, but I always knew it was coming. Just give it a minute. Any minute now, she would find something wrong. Therefore, I stayed to myself a lot, did my homework and my chores, held down a part-time job by 16 years old, and always ate my feelings. That set me up for a lifetime of emotional eating, gut health issues, and struggling with my weight. My weight also triggered teasing and taunting by my own family members, which also produced decades of body image issues. This - coupled with the fact I was never told I was pretty or beautiful - just made me think and feel I was ugly, dirty, poor, and "beneath" white people. I was only told I was smart. In fact, I was “book smart but had no common sense,” as my mother would often say. Other than that, I never thought I was good enough for anyone or anything.

Being verbally abused daily and thinking poorly about myself was a big reason for my shyness and lack of self-esteem growing up. It held me back from speaking out loud, from making friends, being social, and having fun as a kid. As an adult, my shyness and lack of self-esteem prevented me from aspiring for bigger jobs, asking for raises or promotions, dating the right men, and seeing my full potential. I didn't know how to set healthy boundaries, how to speak confidently, or how to be assertive. I found myself in situations where I always felt inferior. Simply put, I assumed I was inferior.

I’ve been called “gook” or “chink” at worst and “Hawaiian” at best, as my looks were a constant source of mystery and curiosity with people I’ve met throughout my life and my travels. I also never felt “white enough" or "Filipino enough." In fact, even Filipinos didn’t want to believe I was Filipino. They would say I was too tall and that my hair, eyes, and skin were too light. So, in my mind, I felt alone and lonely, living on my mestizo island by myself. My experience in constantly defending my identity only further encouraged me to seek answers in the Hawaiian culture later in life.

As I got older, I saw my friends or people I worked with getting bigger jobs, getting more pay, getting engaged, getting married, having children, buying houses, going on cruises and family vacations, being happy, and having fun. Everyone was always having fun. Everyone was moving forward and living life to the fullest. Recognizing that I had to break out of my shyness and acquire more confidence, I always challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone. I eventually learned that I was funny and that people liked funny people. I also learned that I was good at helping people with their problems. I always seemed to be that girl who everyone felt comfortable going to with their problems and secrets. I realized I had love, kindness, compassion, and empathy to offer.

But, while I did have some fun, some times when I felt loved by someone, and some moments of happiness in my life, I still felt so far removed from everyone else I knew. Inside, I didn’t ever really feel happy about my life or myself. I realized I had been faking it the whole time - behind a big toothy, “photogenic” smile everyone said I had. And, I knew I had to do something about it. While I still lacked some confidence and still struggled with self-esteem and body image from time to time, I had read as much as I could to help myself and my mindset. But, ultimately I knew I had to move away and get a fresh start somewhere else.

I firmly believe if there's something about your life or yourself that you don’t like, that it’s up to you to do something about it. By the time I reached 40, I knew I had to make a change. I had to take that long, hard look at myself in the mirror and in the harsh lighting of reality to find my truth. I knew I had to love myself in order to love my life. That's when I made the biggest commitment to myself to take a chance and to make a change to turn my life around. I chose to think more positive thoughts and to love and believe in myself more than I ever did. With that, I mustered the courage to move westward to follow my passion for living by the ocean, to find the love of my life, to find my life purpose, and to fulfill my dreams, but what was more astonishing was that I found peace and healing in ways I could never have imagined.

When I moved to San Diego to start over, my new life in a new place, with a new job, a new love, his ex-wife, his sons, and his family triggered my past in ways I couldn’t have seen coming. I realized how much my new life and my struggles as a first-time wife and stepmom paralleled my own mother's life. Moving to the opposite coast was similar to my mother's painful journey moving to a new country, where she had to quickly adjust to a whole new culture. You see, when I was about 21, I found out I was not my mother’s first child. I found out that before she met my father, she had a baby boy with another Army serviceman who wanted to marry her, but his Midwestern parents threatened to disown him if he did, calling her a “third-world peasant.” Not wanting to break up his family, my mother left him to raise her child alone while working as a live-in housemaid for an older couple. But, one fateful day, the woman abruptly ended my mom’s employment and talked her into giving up her baby by saying damaging words like, “Look at you. You can’t raise this boy. You have no money, no job, no place to live, no husband, and no family. You have nothing. How can you possibly take care of this boy?” At 22 years old, those words were not only enough to convince her into handing over her child, but they were also damaging enough to traumatize her and leave her feeling guilty, ashamed, and worthless for a lifetime.

(It was just only days later that she met my father at an off-base party. Other young women had taken my mother in, giving her food and shelter. A scrappy, short guy from the Bronx who never backed down from anything worth a fight, my father helped her retrace her steps back to the village to reclaim her son. But, the couple had vanished without a trace, and no one in the village would talk. These were the circumstances that brought my parents together and the very same circumstances that created me. This was also the secret my parents kept from my brothers and me for years. If my mother's friend hadn't leaked it, I doubt we'd ever know. But, this also explains why my father never stepped in to stop my mother's behavior.  It was her story to tell us. He had kept his promise and honored her story.)

Mom moved to a new country promising better opportunities for her and her children, but with the cultural clashes and struggles fitting into a predominantly white community during the post-Vietnam War era, it is no wonder she treated us the same way as that old woman under all that stress. But, it would still take me another 20 years to fully understand the catastrophic effect of those words and the memory of that day on my mother and her three children.

Between my past and present personal life struggles and after another poor job experience, I made a decision to embrace the aloha spirit as a way to cope with my new life, create triumph out of tragedy, and push positivity into the world. And, that's when my healing really began. I soon found forgiveness, compassion, and even more love for my mother.

By the way, my mother is no longer the same woman that she was when we were children. She now sees the damaging effects her behavior had caused, and she carries that regret on top of the pain of losing a child. Now that she’s a grandmother, there are no limits to her love for us, as she would do anything to help us. Now, she speaks much more loving, kind, and compassionately. She encourages us to have fun and she asks more questions about our lives and our happiness. She offers help, guidance, and wisdom, and she would give her last dollar to anyone who needed it. Now, I see the mother that was always there and I believe that she really did mean it when she always said there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for us. Now, I really do hear it in her voice. She is the one who originally taught me how to share aloha and spread it in the world, but she just hadn't cultivated it within herself all those years. Therefore, I hadn't learned how to cultivate it within myself either. It is possible that when children show unconditional love, it can help parents to find forgiveness or acceptance of past tragedies. While I do not believe my mother has completely forgiven herself, there is a chance she has learned to live with it even though she never did find her first-born child. Because he was never baptized, there is no way of tracing him.

By embracing aloha, I have repurposed my pain and found my life purpose in empowering people to love themselves, believe in themselves, and have compassion for themselves. I conceived and ran a women’s empowerment fitness training program for three seasons, where women were going through transitions in their lives. From divorce, career changes, or the death of a child, I provided motivational speaking while leading a fitness bootcamp. I empowered the elderly and many student volunteers as an activities director for four years, where I helped residents at a senior living community find new purpose, discover new passions, and develop, courage, confidence, and self-esteem. And, I co-created a women empowerment podcast, where I use my voice to inspire self-love and courage by sharing my life experiences, wisdom, and research on current social and health issues. Using my own personal life experiences and my “Aloha Mana Empowerment” coaching approach, I have helped others cultivate their "self-powers” in love, kindness, and compassion. I help people develop the courage to try new things and the confidence to pursue their goals and dreams, and to live their lives with purpose so that they can achieve optimal health, happiness and success even in their last chapters of their lives.

I have also embraced the name "CT," which my San Diegan-native husband and stepsons gave me when we met after moving to California from Connecticut. But now, it represents my self-reinvention and my personal and professional transformations. It symbolizes the stronger, more self-loving woman I’ve become who has not only found her own voice and defined her own identity, but who has also learned to stand up, speak up and move forward in courage and confidence. Now, I define my worth and walk in my truth every day and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

This name means so much to me that I am even legalizing it once I finally take on my married name this year. My new legal name will be “CT Sharon Ahat-McGee Quigg,” but I will go by “CT Quigg.” I am keeping the name “Sharon” to honor the little girl inside of me, for she is the seed that has blossomed into the flower that is now the woman I am today. “Ahat” is my mother’s maiden name. Initially, it was my last name when I was born. After my mother’s first child was taken, she was so untrusting that she didn’t want to take a chance on anyone else trying to claim me in case my father changed his mind, left her and stole me, too. It became my middle name once I moved to America and took my father’s name of “McGee.” “Quigg” is my married name. In Filipino culture, you add on all your names to show your family’s lineage. I am using it to tell my story and reflect my journey in aloha.

The kicker? Three years after starting my journey in aloha, a DNA test confirmed I was indeed of Polynesian descent - Hawaiian, Tongan and Samoan! I'm currently writing a novel based on my life story called, "Aloha Mana," and have recently launched “The Aloha Guru” podcast.

If you live, love,and lead with aloha, your life will change for the better.
It did for me, so I believe it can for you, too, my Pineapple!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha,
C.T. McGee
The Aloha Guru


This is a collection of comments I've received in response to my mission in spreading aloha through my "Aloha Is" stories and "Your Daily Aloha" affirmations, work in empowering the elderly, women empowerment fitness bootcamps, and personal coaching sessions as well as my personal life story and journey in aloha. Maybe you will relate to someone else's story, struggle, or setback and be inspired to live, love and lead with aloha.

Sandra V.:

I was so moved by your initial story of your life and can identify with so much of it as I am half-White/half-Korean. My sister coined us "Cauc-Asians." Your story created quite an inner dialogue for me. I found myself feeling a lot of the same way you did as we've had similar experiences. For instance, because I don't look overly Asian, a lot of people were skeptical of my heritage. Also, my mother had suffered from living in poverty, too. When she left Korea to come to America, she thought it was her ticket out of that lifestyle only to realize coming here meant facing racism and loneliness. In fact, I recently received a copy of my birth certificate and under my parents' names, where it says "race," my father is identified as "white" and my mother is identified as "yellow!" Initially, I laughed when I read that because I know it's just a reflection of the times, but after reading your story, it really hits home how my mother was seen by Americans. My father’s family often treated my mother as a second-class citizen and I learned only recently that my aunt wanted to adopt my older sister when they first moved to the U.S. because she thought she could provide her with a better life. My father had to fight with his sister to keep her. I didn’t get to know my mother’s side of the family except for my grandmother who lived with us for a few years. I have aunts, uncles and cousins I have never met in Korea and I only know them through the stories my mom would tell us. I had always wanted to go and visit Korea with my mom to see where she grew up and meet a whole side of my family I have never met. Unfortunately, my mother has been suffering with dementia and has forgotten so much of her past. In my youth I always thought I would have the time to do this but money, work, and everyday life seemed to get in the way. You are so brave to share your story. Thank you for doing it!

Sandra V.


"C.T., my heart is full. Full of love for the power of your words and pride in how you have taken your lot in life and molded it into something spectacular. I find your writing to be both compelling and accessible because you are writing from a place of truth and willingness to share your own sometimes painful experiences in order to help others."


Teresa C.:

You are one amazing woman! You have overcome many obstacles. Obviously, your mom's own self-worth interfered with how she raised you. She endured a devastating trauma of losing her child that she probably never forgave herself for. And you were able to see yourself as being better than what you were being told. What courage you have had to move forward! Look how you changed your life! Other people need to see there is a way out. You are not stuck in the image someone else portrayed onto you. You are a good example! Keep writing and keep sharing your story!

Teresa C.

Joe C.:

C.T., you are a true inspiration! Your life story (along with your aloha stories and inspirational quotes) is a true testimony that life's biggest fears, challenges and struggles can be overcome! You are a strong, beautiful, faithful person and you are going to help and motivate a lot of people! Love always! Aloha!

Joe C.

Randy L.:

Sharon's story is interesting and inspiring. Most people have a story to tell, but when they read her life story and the "aloha" stories she shares about her journey since moving to San Diego, they will be encouraged to improve their lives. I have known Sharon (C.T.) for many years and have worked with her on some art projects. She is very creative, energetic, committed and driven. Nothing will stop her from achieving her goals or the goals of someone she is working with. Being in her company is delightful and uplifting, her energy is always positive and her spirit true.

Randy L.

Julie M.:

I love, love, love your story! So much of what you have written in it can parallel so many lives.  Looking back on how I raised my kids, I see where my strengths and where my weaknesses are, and how this has shaped my kids into the young adults that they are. No matter how many parenting books you read, you always find yourself slipping back to how you were raised - whether that be positive or negative. I am a true believer that the chain needs to be broken to change future generations of hurt and pain. Thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to many.

Julie M.


I love your story and your mom's story. In the spirit of candidness, reading about your aloha journey has helped me relook at my life with the devastating loss of my son.


Laura C.:

Your story left me feeling loved as I, too, have struggled with identity between cultures. You have a very inspiring story that I know MANY people will identify with. It kinda left me feeling like, "Hey, sister, I see you!♡

Laura C.

Jackie G.:

Wow, just wow! I just read your life story. How beautiful! I love your honesty, your vulnerability and courage to share your truth! I especially love and appreciate how you’ve turned your pain into purpose. Just beautiful!

Jackie G.

Bob R.:

What a story!! I cannot lie to you, I had tears rolling down my cheeks at least four different times. I wish I could give you and your mom huge hugs right now. Very touching words. It explains your journey and your passion and your mission of spreading aloha in the world. And, now I've saved your website to my home screen on my phone.

Bob R.

Kimmie A.:

"Inspirational" is only one word to describe this young woman. I have known Sharon, or as we affectionally call her, "C.T.," for many years. We both grew up in a small town in Connecticut - that's how she got her name. Later, I got reaqauinted with C.T. on Facebook. We're two East Coast girls who moved out to the West Coast to start over. Since her move to San Diego, I have followed all that she has done to help inspire people to find their inner self and mental strength to help them reach their goals while encouraging them every step of the way. She has an amazing personality that makes people gravitate to her and want to be her friend - especially when you are needing a friend to lend a shoulder to cry on or even one to stand on so you can see your higher goal. Through her posts, I see her love and devotion to the elderly community to keep them active, feeling youthful and thriving to keep living. They adore her. She is a PINEAPPLE. She stands tall, wears a crown, has a sweetness to her and the smile she shares is GOLDEN. CT is always looking for the best possible way to make sure love is shared no matter how big or small the gesture.

Kimmie A.

Shannon C.:

Sharon has been a friend of mine since middle school. I always thought she had it all - smart, pretty, confident. I was so amazed to read her story... I always had a smile on my face too, but life wasn't always so kind to me. The smile hid quite a bit of pain and sadness. It's funny how we all try so hard to BE someone else and hide who we really are and how we feel from others. I'm so thankful Sharon shared her story with us, with me. I'm so thankful that she was and still is in my life, even though it's from across the country. Her love and positivity are amazing and I am so very happy she is spreading it to the world!

Shannon C.

Marianne Moss:

One day I saw one of C.T.'s posts that included the Dr. Seuss quote: "You'll never get bored when you try something new. There's really no limit to what you can do." In the post, she talked about how people tend to hold back from trying new things because of fear (as in criticism or rejection), doubt, lack of confidence and the need to be perfect. She says it's important to have compassion for ourselves and that it's OK not to be perfect at something, especially if it's something completely new. Instead, she says we should give ourselves credit for even trying and for taking any step in the direction of our goals and dreams because we don't know where it might lead. So, I did! I had just spent the whole day rewriting an email requesting a new opportunity. I was debating whether to actually send it when I saw her post. I reread the post and debated some more. Well, I sent the email, which led to a positive change at work! I didn't actually get the opportunity I wanted, but I did get offered a different opportunity that made me happy! That's how much her words have impacted me to take action!

Marianne Moss

Chris K.:

"What the world needs right now, more than ever, is some positive thoughts and vibes. C.T. is the kind of person to help us through these difficult times. She has a way of seeing the bright side in everything, and her words are filled with optimism. I know that I, and many other people as well, need that in my life right now.

Chris K.


Hey, I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much your posts have an effect on my life right now. My husband got let go from his job yesterday after 30 years and when I woke up this morning, my first thought was "aloha." Weird, yes? But whatever made me think that way is what helped. If you only knew the gift you have - to wake up and think of your aloha? Thank you!


Lindsay G.:

C.T. and I met many years ago at a trade show in California (before she eventually relocated there).  She is the kind of person who is inspiring just by being herself.  With that engaging smile and genuine desire to listen and help, you cannot help but be drawn to her.  Her encouraging and positive posts have helped me in times of struggle, but more importantly I think her honesty about her own missteps and how she navigates them is refreshing.  She lives these philosophies every day and motivates many others to live their best lives as well!

Lindsay G.

Gina Lacey:Educator

You are such an inspiration! I love reading all of your inspirational quotes, aloha mana empowerment posts and your aloha stories, especially the ones from your trip back to Connecticut! You add such a positive bit of sunshine in every day! You help people find the love and beauty that is all around us and inside us, too. I always look forward to reading your stories and sharing them with my son and I'm so glad you're making a blog out of them because the world needs that California sunshine you bring! Keep shining!

Gina Lacey


I just read your post about starting over. I just found out my husband wants a divorce and doesn't want to try and work through our problems. We've always had issues and I completely understand wanting to change things for the better, but I'm completely blindsided. I know what I am feeling will pass and in the long run things will be better, but it's just the shock of actually having to start over. Any advice or a place to start putting myself back together would be very helpful... Thank you for responding so quickly. I really appreciate it and enjoy your journey. I saw your post and just knew reaching out could only be a good thing. And, women like you empower women like me.



I've been following your posts and it is great to see. You always put a smile on my face!  Your stories also make me realize that we all have stuff to work on and it's helpful to share.  (I can, too, even though I can be a bit too private for my own good). Thank you for the inspiration! Aloha!



You're doing a great job! Keep it up. We need you to help us train our minds daily to change our thoughts to act and change our lives!



"Believe in yourself!" I love this message! I'd love to see you someday/someway! Your posts are great and have been an inspiration during this transition in our lives (kids becoming teens and one transgender!). I think of people just like you when I pass this sign every day. It makes me smile on my hellish commute.



Your aloha stories and inspirational quotes make me want to be a better person. I love your optimism and willingness to always be available to help others. Aloha!



You're the best! Your stories are so great! You always have positive and inspiring things to share - whether with quotes or with stories about your life. I love following them on Facebook. I especially love to read about your family. I can't wait for you to finish writing your book so that I can purchase a signed copy! I believe it will be a best seller!



Love the aloha mana movement concept. Aloha is a way of life harnessing love, kindness and forgiveness. Hawaiians have a list, like The Ten Commandments, to live in harmony with one another. So glad you are doing this work. I do as well in other ways. Spreading Aloha, holding my own mana when performing music! I came back from there with the goal to bring what I gained there to cultures who have forgotten the paradise ways to treat one another. Your Aloha Mana project is so perfect for people of this age. Bravo and Aloha!


Lorraine D.:

The Aloha Guru: Every day this beautiful person makes sure she puts something beautiful out there to share with people and to inspire and empower them. She is a great motivator and inspiration to all.

Lorraine D.


I know C.T. as Sharon and have known her for many years. She is a fabulous person and it has been a pleasure to be on this journey called Life with her. We have both been through a lot and have always supported each other. Watching her get through life and simply go LIVE has been so great! She is an incredibly generous person who believes that we can all do this together. And, she is 100% right! Her Aloha Guru blog is so encouraging and brings a smile to my face. Now more than ever we need people who want to lift us up. Sharon is all that and a bag of pineapples! I hope anyone reading this gets the chance to meet her in person. She is a delight to cry with, laugh with and simply be present with. Aloha!!!


Bob Marciano:Educator

From what I have read so far, your aloha concept would have been an invaluable tool for me in my 39 years of teaching middle school. I know firsthand how 13-year-olds have such a tough time with self-image and many of your ideas would have helped me get through to them in that regard. Keep up the good work....the world needs more people like you!

Bob Marciano

Eric Seibold:

With The Aloha Guru, C.T. has launched a coaching and empowerment tool which captures her authentic self and amplifies the positive mindsets that help others achieve success. In a world filled with positivity and abundance, many people carry limiting beliefs that prevent them from making true breakthroughs. Through lessons learned in her own life, The Aloha Guru coaches people to recognize, attack and overcome these beliefs so that they can reach their full potential. With her blog and her own personal life story, C.T. proves that when you follow your true self it is always a fulfilling journey!

Eric Seibold


I think your platform is what the world needs on top of this world wide reset we are encountering. The positivity your aloha stories capture are a novel idea for any age group and need to be casted out to everyone. Kids especially are at a pivotal stage in life right now where the right direction could literally make or break a person's life and personal habits- drugs, drinking or other self-destructive ways. Having a person like you realize they are important is life changing. You have a positive light that needs to shine. It is evident in your radiant smile and your body of work in aloha. Keep up that positive and enlightening energy of yours! Aloha, Pineapple!


Megan Lambert:Social Worker

I have known C.T. since I was a kid growing up in Connecticut, but I feel I've only gotten to know the true beautiful authentic person she is in the past couple of years. The positive attitude and upbeat atmosphere she brings to everything she does and to the lives she touches is amazing. I know this by the many posts of the seniors she's worked with, but also personally. This past year was very difficult for me personally, but I always knew I could look to C.T. for an uplifting story, comment and/or reminder that life is challenging, but you are strong and can persevere through anything. C.T. is a blessing for all who have the good fortune of crossing paths with her in this life.

Megan Lambert

Cheryl Granoff:Former President BOD, Arizona International School

C.T. has been in the health and wellness industry and celebrating people for all of her adult life. She’s held roles in various organizations focusing on physical and mental health and well-being and educating people on how to take care of themselves via self-care. As an activities director, as well as with everything she does, C.T. has high energy and a positive personality. She connects with her clients and develops curriculum and activities to bring out their best self in a safe and supporting manner. Her drive flows over into her personal time where she’s been very active with wellness focus and inspiring messages. C.T. made great strides to change women's lives via her women’s exercise empowerment group. Here, her curriculum motivated women to be the best versions of themselves through exercise and positive mantras. She created Aloha Mana Empowerment messages and her "Aloha is" stories on social media as a vehicle for showcasing those in their daily lives to empower and uplift others. She is a strong and talented woman with an intense love for people and helping people to live their best lives. The best is yet to come for C.T.

Cheryl Granoff


I love following your stories. You are so inspirational and honest. It's refreshing. I share your posts with my transgender son. He suffers from anxiety and PTSD. You are so positive and kind, and when he’s having a tough day, we read your posts and it helps lift our spirits. You’ve motivated him to stand tall and be proud of who he is.


K. Carrington:

Every day you exhibit wisdom, strength, courage and positivity through your posts. I look forward to reading and learning from your life experiences, and am inspired to follow your lead in becoming the best version of myself. Thank you for sharing your adventures, ups and downs, triumphs and losses and reminding us to enjoy and appreciate our own journey through life.

K. Carrington


This aloha mama is just what I needed in my life. Her aloha stories, inspirational quotes and posts and her women empowerment podcast episodes are helpful, motivational and uplifting! She has the kindest soul of anyone I have ever met. She has a gift and seeks out the best in everyone she meets. She will uplift your spirits and motivate you to be your very best!



Thanks for your posts. They have been uplifting from the beginning - way before Covid19.  With all the political and worldly unrest, it is a pleasure to read your posts.  It gives me peace that there are good people still present (even in California). Ha! Just because I don’t comment on your posts doesn't mean I don't read your words. I am amazed at your Aloha spirit, it is sincere with hope and love. Thank you for being there on the web!



Although I've known C.T. (Sharon) since high school, I did not "get to know" her until she decided to move to California. It was then that we bonded on the concept of simply leaving a life behind in search of a new one in hopes of changing your own world, as I had done something similar when I moved to Las Vegas years earlier. As she grew into her new life, I could tell she was searching for something more than just a career or a warmer climate. She was finding ways to really connect with people and make a difference in their lives. She has a unique ability of finding the best in people and getting them to come out of their shell in the most positive way. I'm so happy she is now finding a way to connect with more people in a time when we need it most!


Vicky M.:

I met C.T. when she was a freshman in college and she lived next door to me. We became friends and have remained friends since I graduated that year. During that time, I have watched her grow into a dynamic, driven, courageous woman. Knowing how shy and quiet she was, I was so proud of her when she decided to move all the way across the country to chase her dreams. It was inspiring! I enjoyed reading her stories and following her adventures at various jobs. And, I watched her change people's lives by running her B*tch Squad training group. It even inspired me to start a fitness journey of my own. Her sense of aloha was evident in the way she worked with the residents at the facility she worked in. Reading about their adventures always provided a smile. I am honored to call her a friend.

Vicky M.


With everything going on right now in the world, l really look forward to all of your positive posts! You keep me motivated to exercise, make better food choices and take care of myself so that I can be there for my family. I just wanted to let you know that you are always a ray of sunshine ☀️


Cindy A.:Teacher

I first met C.T. when I took her fitness boot camp class. Since then, I've read the accounts of her life and the lessons she shares through her aloha stories on Facebook. Whether through fitness, working with the elderly, or writing inspirational quotes and stories about her life, she's always inspiring others! Thank you for being a shining light, C.T.!

Cindy A.

Michelle W.:

C.T. McGee and I met years ago during a week-long work road trip we took around California. She was East Coast-based at the time, but you could tell even then that the sunshiny attitude of the West was inside of her. In our meetings, clients instantly took a liking to her. She was reassuring and had a way of uplifting the room. I’m so glad we stayed connected on Facebook because she is like a cheerleader from afar---always encouraging her friends to try and see the best in every situation and the way she creates a sense of Aloha in all areas of her life has been very inspiring. She’s even able to get people from all over to participate in various remote health-related challenges, like daily pushups or planks. I love seeing her not only push herself, but those around her to be better in all aspects of their lives. The power of the pineapple has become synonymous with the essence of who C.T. is and the spirit that she embodies. From her posts on social media to her encouragement from afar, C.T. has a way of spreading positivity and confidence even if you’re never physically in the same room with her!

Michelle W.

Jeff M.:

I grew up in the same town at the same time as C.T. I don’t know if we ever crossed paths. I do know our town was quite segregated in terms of peer groups so there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to cross those lines. I find myself 30+ years later now connected to her and very inspired by her positive attitude and willingness to be open about her struggles in order to help others. When I look at my children I realize how much hope we can have for the future because these kids will be better than we all were. The key is the select few like C.T. whose selfless determination to focus on light and close the blinds to darkness is what will help lead our next generations to be better than we are now.

Jeff M.

Marianne Grenier:Tutor/Teacher

Your inspirational quotes and stories are exactly that! I have known you for well over a decade now and you have such a gift of writing, expressing yourself and giving to others in such a magnanimous, holistic way. You are a force of nature between your extraordinarily positive and uplifting persona and your beauty inside and out. To say I wish you all the best - you've already got it. Look out world, a force for good. Bless you for sharing YOU!

Marianne Grenier


I love your website, inspirational blog posts and empowerment messages. You inspire me daily. In fact, you have helped me through my own battles just by being inspiring and a great ear to listen even at a distance. You have a big heart, so much wisdom to share, and great content! Thank you, Aloha Guru!


Annie Flores:

I am so blessed to have met Sharon "CT" back in 2016. Right away when I met her, she had this positive energetic aura about her that I was drawn to. It felt as if I was almost looking at a slightly older and more attractive version of myself. As our friendship began to grow, I immediately found myself confiding in this woman so comfortably although we had only known each other a short time. As a bi-racial woman of Caucasian and Asian descent, she has truly had a impact on my way of thinking as I can relate to her stories with many of my own experiences. She has shown me that it's never too late to work on your self-confidence from the inside out. I am a wife and a mother of two little girls and have recently taken control of my weight. My weight has been something I've struggled with for years, but with C.T.'s guidance and her voice in the back of my head I've managed to push past my limits and am finally feeling confident in my own skin. I love you, C.T.!

Annie Flores

Angel A.:

In the Filipino community, I don't know anyone who does what CT does. It was comforting to work with someone who grew up with similar cultural experiences. I really needed someone who understood my trauma, but I wasn't ready to see a therapist. But with the tools CT taught me, I've learned to act less impulsively and react less explosively. I'm able to calm my mind, control my emotions, get out of my comfort zone more, recognize negative thoughts, see my own talents, and set healthier boundaries, especially with people I love. I understand the healing power of nature, gratitude journaling, and sisterhood. Most of all, CT helped me be more aware of my own power. Now, I trust myself more. Now, I know what a healthy relationship should look like and that I deserve one! Thank you for supporting me through hard times on my self-love journey and for always checking on me. It means so much to have met you!

Angel A.

Lisa C.:

I'm a mother of four with a husband always on the road for work. So, my biggest challenge was putting myself first and my biggest fear was not being a good enough mother. CT's tools helped me with stress, motherhood, marriage, and relationships with family. Before I met CT, negative thoughts and fears would just take over. Now, I know how to control them, calm myself, set healthy boundaries, and give myself credit! Before, I was also constantly yelling at my kids. I didn't want to be remembered as a yeller, like my mom. Breathwork was a huge game-changer! I went from yelling for no reason to talking! I went from spending so much time and energy being irritated and exploding to having more time to connect with my kids one on one. Even my husband said I was so overreactive, defensive, and combative when he would tell me things. Now, he say I converse with him in a sensible way. But, the biggest eye-opener was seeing changes in my kids. For instance, our 5-year-old used to act "possessed" - as in just yelling and hitting her siblings! On her own, she went from "attacking" to stopping, acknowledging, and apologizing for her behavior! I know she changed because I changed! CT teaches when I'm happy and healthy, my family is happy and healthy. This is proof! Thank you, coach!

Lisa C.

Audra Washay:Teacher

I didn’t know where to turn and I was at my wits end. All of a sudden, I received an Aloha lifeline… C.T. McGee. We had only briefly known each other through our hometown, but that was enough for her. She selflessly reached out to me and asked if I needed help. Yes!!! She helped me devise a plan with goals of what I wanted my life to look like. She was relentless, persistent, but always in a loving and compassionate way. She helped me realize my strengths, my desires, my goals, and most importantly, the wonderful person I truly am. I am forever indebted to her as she started me on the path to growth, recovery, and self-worth. I am proud to be one of her pineapples!

Audra Washay

Kenneth Pinckney:Social Worker

I think it is kind of funny how life brings people together or how certain people come into your life at the right moment and time. Sharon C.T. McGee was one of those people that came into my life at the right moment and time. She started out as my co-worker and then my supervisor. I could say we had a good working relationship. My time working with C.T. was a humbling time for me, it was a learning curve. C.T. taught me to step up and out, to be a better leader, to take initiative, to not be afraid, but just be better than I was. I could say the same thing for the residents that she served, not letting their age or limitation stop them from continuing to be their best or living life! When it was time for me to move on to my next destination on this journey of life, I had no idea that our paths would cross again. I had no idea that C.T. was starting a new path in her journey and so was I. Little did I know how much I will need the help of C.T. for the path I am on right now or how much we need each other on this journey we are on right now. So thank you Sharon "C.T." McGee - "Ms. Aloha" for crossing my path not once but twice as we continue this journey of life.

Kenneth Pinckney

Karen Hale Payne:Teacher

I have known Sharon "C.T." McGee for more than half of my life.  Her mental, spiritual, emotional and physical health experiences have all led her to where she is now.  We have spoken on many topics, but the two that have moved me the most are about being a step-parent and the love and challenges that come with it, as well as our views on education.  She has been there to lend an ear as well as offer advice rooted in love, kindness and compassion.  I can understand how the obstacles and experiences in her life have led her on this path of peace, healing and Aloha and how she is able to share herself with others in a special way that not only encourages them to follow their passions, but also helps them to find their own inner peace, life purpose or whatever it is they are searching for.

Karen Hale Payne

Nina C.:

I have known C.T. for several years. She has always emulated positivity with her spirit and spunk. Any time I have spoken to her about an obstacle in my life, she gave me logical advice, while also finding the good in the situation. She knows how to make someone feel empowered and sure of their choices. Throughout our friendship, I have seen C.T. take on roles in companies that are vastly different from each other, yet they all of that same core value: helping people. She always puts her all into helping someone she is working with to reach their highest potential.

Nina C.


You are a strong woman. Your strength helped me when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Sharing your story helps others!


Samantha A.:

I reached out to CT (The Aloha Guru) during a time of real uncertainty. The struggles I once was able to resolve on my own were now near-impossible to face. CT became my saving grace - that guiding voice I needed to hear and push me through the difficult challenges. From creative study sessions to custom-fit workouts, CT worked with me at my pace. She never complained, always gave it to me straight, and constantly reminded me how amazing I was to pursue my dreams. With the tools she gave me, I am now able to clearly see what I have to offer the world - personally and professionally. Allowing my heart and mind to fully receive the positive emotions gained from my achievements was my biggest breakthrough. My self-worth continues to strengthen every day! I am forever grateful to The Aloha Guru for helping me rephrase my "I can't" to "I am!" and find my light!

Samantha A.

Erin Smith:Performance Coach

C.T. is one of those people who doesn’t need to hear much to intuitively craft a compassionate, yet un-sugarcoated insight that is not only useful, but also powerful in meaningfully changing your perspective for the better. She’s helped me make many perspective shifts that have helped me continue on my path of evolution and personal growth. I’m always impressed by her intense work ethic and dedication to her own personal growth which she then has the passion to share in order to help others on their own path. She’s got a real gift, and I am always grateful when she shares it with me. I highly recommend following her, and if you have the opportunity to work with her to get some of that invaluable insight, TAKE IT!

Erin Smith


I believe C.T. is a great addition into anyone’s life in terms of life coaching. She generally believes what she preaches and lives her life accordingly. In the current context of the society we live in, I generally believe her positivity will help anyone reach their goals. It’s a reciprocal environment so what you put in is what you’ll get out. I personally can’t recommend her highly enough. You will be better for it providing you are flexible and willing to better yourself.


Stacia Miller:Podcast Co-host

I connected with C.T. around 5 years ago through social media. We were both into health and fitness, and I found her through her B*tch Squad Training Instagram account. We spoke now and then, but never actually met face-to-face until the summer of 2019. We met up for breakfast at a cute Carlsbad restaurant, and breakfast turned into lunch. Time just flew by. We had so much more in common than just fitness. Our decision to move from the East Coast to the West Coast in our 40’s to start a whole new life and our past trauma connected us even more. I had been thinking of starting a podcast, and after meeting and talking to C.T., I knew she would be the perfect podcast-partner-in-crime. I approached her with my idea, and she immediately jumped on board. Our joint project, Tough Love and Coffee, a women’s empowerment podcast, was born in October. During our talks about episode ideas, more of my background came out, including my life in a domestic abuse marriage. I had kept this part of my life pretty much closed off, with only a few family members and closely involved friends knowing about it. I had never taken my story outside of that close-knit circle. Domestic abuse was one of the things we wanted to discuss, and I knew my story needed to be told. I was scared to death. And honestly, I don’t think I could have done it without C.T. literally holding my hand through it all. With her guidance and love, I was able to talk about a topic that has brought me so much shame and sadness in life and now I've found a new purpose and direction. I will be forever grateful for C.T. coming into my life, and for being such a great PPIC!

Stacia Miller


I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with C.T. McGee Quigg. C.T's transparency helps her to easily relate to all people, which makes her so effective in everything that she does. She has an ability to add humor and empathy to any situation which makes her so real. As a bonus her smile is infectious and will brighten up anyone's day. Keep shining, C.T.


Cheryl Granoff:Former President BOD, Arizona International School

C.T. has been in the health and wellness industry and celebrating people for all of her adult life. She’s held roles in various organizations focusing on physical and mental health and well-being and educating people on how to take care of themselves via self-care. As an activities director, as well as with everything she does, C.T. has high energy and a positive personality. She connects with her clients and develops curriculum and activities to bring out their best self in a safe and supporting manner. Her drive flows over into her personal time where she’s been very active with wellness focus and inspiring messages. C.T. made great strides to change women's lives via her women’s exercise empowerment group. Here, her curriculum motivated women to be the best versions of themselves through exercise and positive mantras. She created Aloha Mana Empowerment messages and her "Aloha is" stories on social media as a vehicle for showcasing those in their daily lives to empower and uplift others. She is a strong and talented woman with an intense love for people and helping people to live their best lives. The best is yet to come for C.T.

Cheryl Granoff

Judith M.:

C.T. (Sharon) is one of the most genuine people I know. Very few individuals have the resilience to not be defined by anything other than their own set goals and heartfelt intentions, and C.T. is the true embodiment of that kind of rare drive. Her sense of compassion shines through in her tireless desire to serve as she brings forth the best in others with her contagious optimism. Having walked the talk, C.T. knows what it means to flip your world upsidedown in order to turn one’s dream into a reality. She also understands the value in a reward that comes from diligent work and a ”never-give-up-never-give-in” spirit. If you are looking for a partner, tutor, or coach: someone who will help you move in the direction of your aloha, then you should contact C.T.

Judith M.


You have given me so many words of encouragement over the years. I still remember that day you took the time to help me prepare for my first pharmacy job at CVS when I was a senior at UCSD. And then after I got the job, you helped coach me on how to handle the tough, cranky customers, most of them senior citizens. You have so much experience and wisdom to share about working with people. Since then, I have had my share of battles that so many of us fight silently without any help. But I love how you share stories on Facebook or in your podcast that capture these struggles. You have that power to help bring those to light and you do it so eloquently. You have inspired the elderly and even other strong women like yourself to not be afraid to live life to the fullest! Aloha, Mama Sharon!


Katy Kreiner:Director, Berkshire Soccer Academy for Girls

It was such a pleasure to work with The Aloha Guru, C.T. McGee! Her positive energy and light came at just the right time for our organization. C.T. lead an online session with 40 of our female athletes that focused on positive mindset and "tapping into your self powers." We also posted the session for any of our campers that were unavailable for the Zoom call and have had over 300 views! In her virtual session, The Aloha Guru gave the girls five exercises that they could easily incorporate into their daily lives. All of the tips C.T. shared will help the girls build self-confidence and courage, which will help them grow as players on the field and as individuals off the field. C.T.'s energy and delivery left the girl's feeling empowered. Her positivity and "realness" in this time of uncertainty was so valuable for these young women. We've even scheduled her to return to offer another webinar in May! All of us at the Berkshire Soccer Academy want to give The Aloha Guru a big shout out for contribution to our community! Live, Love, and Lead with Aloha...CLAP CLAP WHOOSH!

Katy Kreiner

Susana Arevalo, Site Coordinator:The Boys & Girls Club Perris Clubhouse

"I am so glad I was forwarded C.T.'s contact information to be a guest speaker at the Boys and Girls Club. She did a phenomenal job discussing the challenges kids face on a day-to-day basis and empowered the kids to know their self-worth and to build self-esteem to help them succeed. I was impressed with how she delivered the material and made it understandable and fun for elementary age kids... The kids seemed to soak everything in and have started using the breathing exercises to relax during difficult situations. Later in the day, the kids created a program themselves to help boost others' self-esteem by writing out compliments to one another. The program definitely stemmed from C.T. and how well she conveyed the meaning of ALOHA!"

Susana Arevalo, Site Coordinator

Jenny Casey, LCSW School Therapist:Immaculate HS, Danbury, CT

I had the pleasure to sit in on CT McGee's zoom workshop for St. Joseph High School in Trumbull, CT in May 2020. I found her to be a fantastic motivational speaker guiding students to holistic, positive self care of body, mind and spirit. She provided concrete tools for controlling one's mindset and maintaining motivation and did so with both authority and fun! I have asked her to present at my school and look forward to enlightening our students and parents.

Jenny Casey, LCSW School Therapist

Jenny Casey, School Therapist:Immaculate High School

As part of our annual high school Wellness Assemblies, empowerment coach, motivational speaker, blogger, and wellness advocate CT McGee, aka "The Aloha Guru," offered a presentation entitled "Tapping into your Self-Powers” both to our students and later to parents. I cannot recommend this presentation enough! CT is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and offers very concrete steps for building self-esteem and self-worth. Participants come away with several simple and effective, time-honored tools that can be implemented immediately. I highly recommend CT's presentation for both kids and adults alike.

Jenny Casey, School Therapist

Mother of Mackenzie Pineapple:

Aloha Guru, you ROCK!! Since you wrote that poem for my daughter, she is completely different, but she’s different in a great way! Her eyes really opened up since reading your poem and listening to your video message. She has really started to confide in people she trusts now - like our family and friends. She never did this before! I want to thank you for giving her the confidence and the safety net to open up. You definitely cracked my egg! I know now that she will be OK. I know now that she’s on the right road. I bet everything is going to change because her spirits are gonna keep getting better. And, that’s because of YOU! We love you, Aloha Guru!

Mother of Mackenzie Pineapple

Teresa:Elementary Teacher

You are amazing, C.T.! I just listened to "Patterson Pineapple." I honestly can see this as a book I would read to my students in my class. You also did a great job with "Fly Guy!" You are a great writer with a great message. And, I love how you are hitting all the scenarios for kids. You seriously need to publish this stuff!


Gina Rich:

I love "Fly Guy!" This story and your message is so awesome. Making someone smile is a lot of work, but your poems and videos will help teens with the issues they're dealing with!

Gina Rich

Mary Anne:Elementary Teacher

I love "Fly Guy!" You had a great message and I think your peace-love-aloha ending is super cute with your hand signs! By the way, your tune was so catchy you got my husband making the same beats now!

Mary Anne

Karen Hale Payne:Teacher

This is fantastic and beautiful! Make it into a children's book!! Seriously!!!!

Karen Hale Payne

Sean M.:

Wow! I just listened to your poem, "Fly Guy Pineapple." This character totally represented my 14-year-old son! So, I shared it with him and he liked it, too. You are a natural and you give excellent wisdom.  Keep these stories coming because kids need to hear them!

Sean M.

Kenneth Pinckney:

Hello C.T., I saw your last YouTube video on "Patterson Pineapple." The rap is getting better and there's good positive and uplifting information. You have a nice flow with your words and your point comes across. Your message offers good words to go by on how to to learn from your mistakes and continue to move forward. For myself, I could even relate to what you're talking about. I believe there are kids out there that have low self-esteem. It is just a matter of getting  to them with the help of the education system and parents.

Kenneth Pinckney

Ken G.:

Just watched "Penelope Pineapple!" Your message was very articulate and inspirational. Great job!

Ken G.


I loved being a part of Coach C.T.'s fitness boot camp! I learned about this group through a friend of mine and joined during the tailend of summer. Coach Connecticut was knowledgeable, organized, motivating, caring, and inspirational. I have been doing a lot of reading and soul searching these past months after the passing of someone I knew very well. I was amazed how our weekly messages of empowerment delivered by Coach Connecticut seemed to go hand in hand with everything I have been learning. I loved the physical exercises and challenges as well as the camaraderie of the women who attended. It was all about taking care of ourselves and being the best we could be. We laughed together and we sweated together! It was just what I needed.



Coach C.T. is remarkable! Her motivating energy and empowering spirit encourage you to push yourself that extra step, hold it those few seconds more and, most of all, to MAKE IT COUNT! Taking a class with Coach C.T. is a fully charged, high energy time warp where you find power inside of yourself, that you never knew existed! I love the fact that there is always a purpose for each workout that we can connect with on a personal level. Whether it's working out to show our love and support for someone in need, working out to put our positive energy towards accomplishing a goal of ours, or just working out because you had a bad day, drink too much wine and love sweets (ding ding ding)! Whatever it may be that day, we use it as fuel! Coach C.T. has created a comfortable, non judgmental environment where all levels are welcomed and encouraged! Above all, she inspires us to give others strength, while we find our own! We all know the world could use more bold, brave and bitchin' ladies out there!



This fitness group is such a blessing! I can't believe something like this exists. Every time I attend, I leave feeling empowered, motivated, and completely LOVE-shocked. l am continually amazed by the amount of love and thoughtfulness Coach C.T. pours into the Squad - from the fulfilling workouts, to the empowering messages, to the individual and group shout-outs. Her fitness squad is so many things - it's a support system, it's an outlet, it's encouragement, it's understanding, it's F-U-N. :) I've connected with so many wonderful, positive women through this group. There's nothing like working out together and aiming to become the best women we can be!



I feel so blessed to have found this group of women and to be a part of something this special! Coach C.T. has an amazing vision to empower, strengthen, and help women of all fitness levels and abilities to reach their dreams on and off of the field. Each and every week, she puts her heart and soul into a new and creative workout that keeps pushing us to get stronger, while challenging ourselves past our comfort zone. The group of women in this squad are amazing as well, and we really do encourage and support each other to be the best we can be! Coach C.T. has big dreams and aspirations for this group, and it feels not only awesome to be a part of that vision, but her weekly motivational messages really hit home and seem to speak to you individually- and help you to overcome whatever challenges you are facing that week.



I feel so grateful to have been pulled into Coach C.T.'s fitness boot camp by my sister. The squad welcomes women of all ages, all shapes, and all fitness levels. Coach C.T. brings together this group of women to empower and mobilize through fitness. You'll find her support in the sessions encouraging throughout both for the HIIT exercises and whatever your struggle is at that moment. She starts and ends on positive messages which is something truly special and to be remembered when women are moving their bodies for health. The workouts are effective, the energy is positive, and the feeling of being a winner is contagious. Great women don't put other women down, but lift others up. That's the best part of this squad of women - everyone supports everyone down to the last burpee.



I learned about Coach C.T.'s fitness boot camp through a friend's post raving over how fun this great group of women were having working out with Coach C.T. I typically do my workout at the gym, at home, on a bike or walking in and around my neighborhood. Exercise has always been part of my daily routine, however, having joined this group just for the last couple of weeks, I have learned that being with an invigorating group of women in a fun environment with a lot of positive feedback and encouragement helps me push through a tough workout!! I have learned to do core-strengthening exercises the right way to achieve better results- thanks to Coach C.T.!! Tough as it can be, the sense of accomplishment after the workout is worth the Hard Work sweat and tears!!



Who knew that working out would be something that I would look forward to every week? After being encouraged to attend Coach C.T.'s boot camp by my friends, I found that I really liked her methods, positive encouragement and words, and of course, the workout itself. You are guaranteed to sweat....a lot! You are also going to laugh and have fun, meet a fun group of ladies who are there to improve themselves, and learn about yourself. C.T. is down to earth and honest and tells it like it is. That's what we need! (I could do without the burpees though...I really could...LOL



This bootcamp style workout group is custom-tailored to individual participant's needs. Any level of fitness can be accommodated and get a great workout. Coach C.T. knows how to make the women of the group feel empowered and connected as a team - whether it's your first day there or your fifteenth class. Can't wait to start back up!



C.T. is the type of coach that isn't afraid to show her vulnerable side. She gives you comfort in knowing that you're not alone in your struggle. When I first met her I was going through a very low time in my life. I was in the middle of a divorce and I was not happy with the way my body looked. My confidence was shattered and I needed someone to motivate me to be the best that I can be. C.T. made me feel welcomed; she made me feel accomplished; she made me feel like my life's journey hadn't ended, it simply took a different path. I definitely feel that the motivation that I have in this second half of my life to maintain my fitness is in large part due to the dedication that she has for everyone that she comes in contact with. Not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. She is a treasured friend that I am so grateful to know.



Coach C.T's boot camp is AWESOME! My cousin asked me to tag along to one of her sessions and I'm so glad I did! Coach C.T. is phenomenal! Her workouts are a challenge. I was never bored as she changed it up each week. And each week, she pushed and motivated everyone to take it to another level. Moreover, her messages of motivation and empowerment were always something I looked forward to. Besides an awesome workout, you leave feeling Brave, Bold, and Bitchin! I can't wait for the next session to begin!



I was a member of C.T.'s fitness squad a couple of summers ago. My mom was a member first and invited me to join because she loved it. First class in and I could see why. Coach (C.T.) came prepared every class with well-planned workouts that kicked butt and motivated us through them with her inspiring words and actions. She encouraged me to better myself by her daily affirmations and challenges. Her bootcamp training program exercised my body and strengthened my self-worth! Glad I was a part of such an inspirational group and glad I have a friends outside of bootcamp like CT :)



I am an indoor workout person, I was first introduced to C.T.'s outdoor bootcamp style through a friend. I thought it's ok to give it a one-time shot!! Now, I am addicted, Coach C.T. is full of energy, compassion and she creates such a positive vibe during the sessions. I beg her to make it twice a week. All the ladies in the group are sweet and fun to be around.



I haven't been active in years and have been looking for a way to get back in shape. I FOUND IT!! C.T. and her squad are amazing! This is so much more than a boot camp and it's definitely not just a workout. Don't get me wrong, you'll get an awesome workout, but you will also get inspired, encouraged, and empowered! In the short few weeks I've participated, I've been inspired to dig deeper into my passions and dreams!



I was hesitant to join a training squad, since I already have many other commitments. However, I was thrilled to be welcomed by a coach with such a positive attitude and commitment to empowering women, and a warm energetic group of ladies!



I'm one of the girls who attended Coach C.T.'s fitness training. This squad is what I was looking for. My husband was pushing me to go to the gym but I prefer outdoor workouts. Then, Coach C.T. insisted I come and try the training and meet her friendly and lovely girls. On the day I tried it, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE SQUAD AND THE TRAINING SHE DOES! She has a very positive approach, just work on your level (like me, I'm just a beginner and really don't go to gym), SAFETY IS HER NUMBER ONE CONCERN, we giggle while we do the moves, we make sure we have fun and at the same time we make sure we work on our "sleeping muscles". I felt good and healthy after every training session!



As someone who hated working out and hated sweating in general, C.T. was brilliant for me! She has a special way of motivating you the entire time you're working out so that you don’t even realize that you just did something amazing for your body, mind, and spirit. C.T. is a very cool person who can get anyone through whatever challenges they face. The world needs more Aloha lovin' from C.T.!


Ken Dower, 92:U.S. Marine

C.T. came into my life as the Activity Director when I became an independent resident of Atria in October 2017. Where to begin? My first of many thoughts about C.T. is her love, kindness. compassion and concern for others. (Therefore, her blog.). In her words, we are her "pineapples," she cares about all of us, loves all of us, encourages us and talks to others about us through her blog. C.T. and I shared our love for musical movies, going to the Angelica theater in Carmel Mountain. where, with other residents of Atria, we can lay back in our recliners, eat popcorn, laugh, cry, maybe even doze off a little; and just having fun together. My real special time with my Aloha Guru is going for coffee at The Nutmeg Cafe or Starbucks. She has posted a photo of us you may have seen, or will see, as you enjoy going through photo after photo on her blog. The last time we planned to meet at Starbucks, I waited for her at one Starbucks and she was waiting for me at another Starbucks just a half-block away. So funny, but we ended up where she was with her buying the coffee and bringing lunch cookies. I encourage you to read through her blog introduction now and then to refresh your knowledge of what is Aloha, what is the Aloha Guru, what is the power of Aloha. It will make you a better pineapple!

Ken Dower, 92

Tammy Koizumi, 75:Senior Living Resident

I write in support of C.T. McGee. As one of the residents who participated daily in exercise and activity programs regularly for the past one year, I can attest to her supple/fit physical condition, her tenacity and her professional attitude. C.T. applied her tireless work ethic to better understand and treat various forms of senior disabilities. It was her work that helped us lead activities and to have confidence in our own abilities. In her role with the care home, she had the responsibility, among other things, for each partcipant's level of disability. This required keeping on top of new residents' fitness needs by interviewing each and tactfully encouraging them to join our programs. On a personal level, C.T. is a great team player. We greatly miss C.T.'s contributions as an Engage Life Director and a personal friend to us all.

Tammy Koizumi, 75

P. Scott:

The personal transformation that my sister, Debbie, has undergone since C.T. took over the activities and other programs is astounding. With C.T.’s gentle, positive guidance, Debbie has discovered a confidence and sense of purpose we have never seen before. She’s taking part in exercise classes, keeping up on current events (and past events, thanks to the “Daily Chronicles”), going to get her nails done, see the ballet and even became a cheerleader and overnight celebrity for a day! She’s developing new interests, exploring foods and places she would previously have never tried—and it’s all because of C.T. I follow my sister's activity on the senior living community's Facebook page and sometimes lose count of how many times I say “Yep, there’s Deb” as I scan the postings. She is engaged in her community there, and it’s mainly thanks to C.T.’s mission of living the best life possible.

P. Scott

Mandy Lui:Westview H.S Student

Throughout my experience as a volunteer at C.T.’s previous job working with the elderly, she showed nothing but kindness, positive energy and empowerment. When I first started volunteering at the assisted living home, I was extremely shy and nervous and didn’t know how to speak up for myself, but C.T. helped me break out of my shell. She always welcomed me with open arms and helped me gain more confidence in speaking with others by encouraging me to run bingo games, help residents with scavenger hunts, assist them in making kitten blankets for the shelter and play games like trivia, Scrabble or Wheel of Fortune on the dry erase board. With the help of C.T., I now have gained more confidence, am less nervous to talk to people, and am able to advocate for myself. Aside from helping me grow as a person, C.T. has also helped the residents at the assisted living home become happier, more involved in the community, and more confident with themselves. She’s planned and hosted events like spa days and fitness classes to raise the residents’ confidence and self-esteem. Something that C.T. created that I saw was a great impact on many of the residents was when C.T. formed a cheer club/squad in which she taught them a cheer routine and even had a few cheerleaders come in to help them practice before they performed at the local high school’s football game. This allowed residents to fulfill their dreams of becoming a cheerleader and the cheering of the students from the bleachers surely made a huge impact on their lives and confidence. C.T. has changed the lives of so many people in the most positive way in shaping the happiest, healthiest path for everyone she meets!

Mandy Lui

Jacob Santos:Westview H.S. Student

As a teenager volunteering in the elderly home at which C.T. previously worked, I felt that she personally helped me not be shy around other people that I’ve never met. She did this by introducing me to so many people there and had me team up with others in certain activities. I value this because learning to easily fit in and be outgoing with everyone is such a crucial skill to have in life to maintain your happiness. Also, C.T. has helped me experience what it is like to lead a group of people. She helped me with this by allowing me to lead the group exercise with the elderly which further boosted my abilities to know how to take initiative. Overall, I am very grateful to have worked alongside C.T. as she brings such a positive attitude and has helped me personally, become more social with others.

Jacob Santos

RG:Westview H.S. Student

I enjoyed volunteering at the assisted living community where C.T. worked. It was evident that she always made the residents have a great life! She helped to create many happy moments in their lives. She made sure they were always making connections with neighbors, friends and family; having fun doing the things they loved doing, like listening to music, playing games, singing, crafting, reading, dining out or going to the movies; going on adventures; sharing stories with each another; learning new things and expanding their minds and loving one another. One of my favorite times with her and the residents was when we worked with a group of ladies and taught them cheers. Then, they performed at my high school and on the morning news show! C.T. made volunteering fun and easy to do!


Aidan Q.:Westview H.S. Student

From my experience of visiting and volunteering with C.T. at the assisted living community, I have seen her endless efforts and compassion towards the residents. Every time I volunteered, I saw her running around the building and balancing a lot of different tasks. C.T. was always very nice to the residents, making them laugh and getting them to interact with us volunteers. And, they all seemed to love her! It was fun competing in a trivia game on teams not just because my team won, but because we had to talk to each other to figure out the answer. Some questions were hard!. When we did dance fitness or other exercise, she got everyone to move. I couldn't believe how much they could move. I even got tired! When we did donuts and coffee with the residents, C.T. would always include everyone, get everybody to talk and get everybody to listen. C.T. was always working on fun ideas and decorations for activities and cool events. I will have good memories of my time there!

Aidan Q.

Scooter McPherson:Volunteer

My daughter, Elise, and I met C.T. at an assisted living community during one of the more difficult times of our lives. It was suggested by the court system while I was in a custody battle that I use my mid-week visit with my daughter to do something good. So, we decided to work with senior citizens and spread some good cheer. We met C.T. and we worked together to bring smiles to the memory care residents. We always had fun and we felt like we belonged, whether we were playing a game, bingo, puzzles, exercise or other activities. C.T. made my daughter and I feel welcome and appreciated. An experience that could have been uncomfortable became a friendship with joy and memories. I have since moved out of state, but we are FB friends and I am proud to call her a friend. I treasure the time Elise and I spent there learning and growing, too.

Scooter McPherson

Dennis Peterson, 73:Senior Living Resident

I am an Army vet who worked as a police officer, marshal and sheriff and I even studied to become a priest for a year before joining the military. I had the pleasure of meeting C.T. as a resident at a senior living home. I enjoy speaking to C.T. on a variety of topics, from music, movies and politics to spirituality. She has gotten me to participate in activities that I wouldn't do before. I compete in trivia games, show off my hat collection at the "Meet Your Neighbor" program, joined a book club, participate in the "Rotten Tomatoes" movie review discussions, attend morning coffee socials and afternoon tea parties, exercise, go on trips to the movies and coffeeshop and I run a music DVD concert and cocktails night. She gets along with all kinds of people. There are some who cannot remember things and there are some who remember everything and want to have stimulating conversations. She puts people at ease and doesn't expect more from people than they're willing to give. Yet, she can motivate anyone to want to give more. She makes us feel so that we want to do more! She is a good teacher and a good motivator. She can take on people who need someone to hold them by the hand. She does that and makes them feel comfortable by propounding ideas and activities to get us going. She even taught a few of the ladies how to learn a cheerleading routine for the school in less than two weeks! One lady was in her eighties! She shows she cares about us in how she teaches. When she teaches, it doesn't feel like she's teaching. It feels more like just a conversation. I have made some nice friends here now and I am glad C.T. is one of them!

Dennis Peterson, 73

Lena Souissi:

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Sharon “C.T” McGee. I am a junior in high school. C.T. served as a great role model for me when I volunteered to work with her residents for a full month at the senior living community where she was the activity director. I really enjoyed my time working with C.T. and her residents. She’s dependable, honest, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that she is an impressive leader, shown through her ability to work with all kinds of people, including residents with dementia. She always guided me through challenging situations, especially when residents started to “sun down”. C.T. is super dedicated and knowledgeable and a great person all around. I know that she would benefit any person or organization that needs motivation or inspiration. She knew just how to get the residents interested, excited and wanting to do fun things every day! We never had a boring afternoon. Without a doubt, I highly recommend C.T., especially if she got a chance to work with young people, like female athletes.

Lena Souissi

Elisha Shibuya:Girl Scout Co-Leader (Troop #8055)

I met C.T. at The Arbors a few years ago at a Girl Scouts volunteer activity. I was a co-leader and our group leader had set it up with C.T. who was the activity director. We had such a great experience and our girls were so happy to volunteer there that it became the first of many times. Immediately, I could see how much she loved her job! She was so excited about making each activity special. She did Afternoon Tea for Mother's Day, and costume parties for Halloween and at Christmas every year she had us come and sing carols with the residents, and, man, she had the place decorated beautifully for every event! I became friends with her through the years and found that C.T. does everything wholeheartedly. She loved and knew the background and stories of each of her residents. And, I got texts from her at her saddest moments of being heartbroken when one would pass. To me it seemed that to her they were more than just a job, they were her family. She loved them and went above and beyond to teach them new things, and help them be creative and funny. It made me joke with the other leaders that this is where I would want to be when I was their age. I would want to be with C.T.! She made their lives so joyful and ours, too. She knew our Girl Scouts by name and knew their interests and if she needed someone to dance, play piano, or play violin for them she would reach out to us and ask them if they could perform. She makes everybody around her feel like there is something special about them and inspires them to give their time to their community and loved ones. I could never thank her enough for the experiences I have seen her give her residents and our girls! Elisha Shibuya

Elisha Shibuya

Mary Ann Santos:Teacher

I have known C.T. for a handful of years in San Diego. Since I’ve known her, she has shown to be a hard worker who will give you 110% and even more. I have seen her work with senior citizens at the local assisted living community and am in awe of how creative she is at organizing fun events to keep the elderly motivated and happy! I loved watching her run a trivia game with high school students to keep the minds of the elderly active. I even saw how she prepared the residents to become cheerleaders for a day (with uniforms and pom poms) in front of a crowd of people at our local high school football game! From the stands, even we could see that these ladies were beaming with pride and how much they loved the attention and being celebrities! They even got to perform on the local news! As long as I’ve known C.T., she has shown her love and enthusiasm for working with people of all ages and physical and emotional needs. I participated in her fitness squad, where she motivated women of all ages to move their bodies and their minds to help them solve their own problems. She helps people by, first, being a good listener. Secondly, she can engage people with questions without overstepping boundaries or taking sides. Lastly, she is very good at confirming your feelings and discussing your problems with positive strategies to take away. As a parent and teacher, I have also seen how much patience she has working with teenagers, whether they are volunteering at the assisted living community or high school sports programs. C.T. embodies the aloha spirit in everything she does to help people be happier and feel better about themselves.

Mary Ann Santos

Kenneth Pinckney:Social Worker

C.T. is a person that did not not hold back her heart and talent when it came to serving the residents and giving to others. Even though I know it was not easy at times working and serving the residents and all their different personalities, she continued to give and give and she continued to teach and teach. As my supervisor, she taught me to be a better leader, to not be afraid, to step up and out. She empowered the residents that we served in a way that they could still do more and be more despite their age or limitations. And, in the process, she empowered me that I could do more than the limit I set on myself. That is my Aloha moment!

Kenneth Pinckney


I met C.T. a few years ago at an Assisted Living Facility where we both worked at the time. She was the Activity Director for the residents. I really liked C.T. since I met her. First of all, the way she treated the elderly was awesome!! Always finding new ways to engage with them and challenge them to do their best at everything they put their minds to. If I could describe her in one word it has to be "ALOHA." She has a "can do" attitude and always has a smile on her face. I'm grateful to be able to call C.T. my friend.


Cheryl Granoff:Former President BOD, Arizona International School

C.T. has been in the health and wellness industry and celebrating people for all of her adult life. She’s held roles in various organizations focusing on physical and mental health and well-being and educating people on how to take care of themselves via self-care. As an activities director, as well as with everything she does, C.T. has high energy and a positive personality. She connects with her clients and develops curriculum and activities to bring out their best self in a safe and supporting manner. Her drive flows over into her personal time where she’s been very active with wellness focus and inspiring messages. C.T. made great strides to change women's lives via her women’s exercise empowerment group. Here, her curriculum motivated women to be the best versions of themselves through exercise and positive mantras. She created Aloha Mana Empowerment messages and her "Aloha is" stories on social media as a vehicle for showcasing those in their daily lives to empower and uplift others. She is a strong and talented woman with an intense love for people and helping people to live their best lives. The best is yet to come for C.T.

Cheryl Granoff

Kerry Gallagher Rowan:Dance Teacher

I saw this "Aloha" t-shirt and instantly thought of you and all the fantastic work you are doing out there with your senior living residents and your women empowerment fitness squad! I'm wearing it in the aloha spirit!

Kerry Gallagher Rowan


"I can adapt and overcome." I have bad anxiety. The mornings are really tough for me. I'm always anxious when I wake up. Anything that can help nowadays is a blessing. But, today I clicked on your website and faked a smile, which turned into a real smile as my anxiety slowly lessened. Now I'm breathing.  Thank you, Aloha Guru!!!


Elizabeth M:

I just read today's affirmation and post. You are amazing! Some people, unfortunately, never get to where you are. Shining light on it, as you are doing, is the only way to fight back against abuse. Talking about it, talking about depression, talking about suicide. Hiding this in the shadows is what makes it all grow into overwhelming darkness, and distorts them to unconquerable foes. Being honest and believing in and shining your own light is the only way for you to see your own path. I am so proud of you. I think of all of the other people on this same path who are watching you succeed. That is the part that makes you amazing. I am so happy for you.

Elizabeth M


"I have all I want and need to succeed!" I love this affirmation!



"Happy Aloha Friday!" I love Your Daily Aloha Affirmations like this one and I love what you're creating for yourself. But, more importantly, I love the Aloha that you're spreading around the world!



"I can give myself the chance to try." I just looked at your daily aloha section and your collection of affirmations. Now I'm going to work on smiling. In fact, I plan to share the article on smiling and endorphins with my patients. Thanks for this knowledge, I must have skipped this lecture in dental school.



"I am motivated to get healthy." My job has been so uncertain as a teacher. It’s difficult because schools are not open. I’m thankful to work two days a week for essential workers. In the meantime, thank you for keeping my mind active and positive. Your Daily Aloha affirmations and quotes have helped me through alot. I wanted to tell you that you are like a sister through Instagram. I'm so happy to read such uplifting quotes! I have learned to surround myself with people who will uplift, inspire, and encourage me, and that is you, my friend. I am so blessed to have met you through this time. Hopefully, someday we'll meet in person after this  quarantine is lifted .



"I see something positive in every situation." Thank you for this reminder! I needed this today! I look forward to Your Daily Aloha!



I like this one. "Nothing can stop me." Thank you!


Kenneth Pinckney:Social Worker

"It's OK to need help; It's OK to ask for help; It's OK to accept help; and it's OK to help others." Totally! As I get older or as I get more years in life, I realize it's OK to ask for help - to not know something. I learn, especially as a man, to let go of any pride that might hold me back - to ask for help, to seek wisdom and wise counsel. As a friend told me a long time ago, "pride kill." Life is about learning and growing. For that to happen, we have to ask for help sometimes and understand it is OK not to know everything. Just my thoughts. Great stuff, C.T.!

Kenneth Pinckney

Elizabeth Marsan-Ferris:

C.T. is the Aloha Guru! Her positive energy and zest for life is so beautifully contagious that I cannot help but be inspired about my own potential.

Elizabeth Marsan-Ferris


Coming from a divorced family, I relate to this in more ways than one. Late Bloomers are special because the construction of a palace takes more time than an ordinary building. Time is on your side. You can do & be anything.



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