Aloha! My name is Sharon "CT" McGee and I am The Aloha Guru.

A mindset and empowerment coach based in San Diego, California, I created this website as a resource to inspire you to improve your life and optimize your health - mind, body, and spirit - using the Hawaiian philosophy of Aloha.

A biracial Vietnam War baby born in the Philippines and raised in Connecticut, I struggled with self-identity, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, body image, trauma, and undiagnosed anxiety and depression as a child and young adult. 

By 39, I started having dreams and visions that included seeing myself wearing a sundress, flip flops, and a flower in my hair while standing at the ocean's edge. Burnt out from work, heart-broken from another failed relationship, and in need of healing and self-reinvention, I determined I was experiencing a spiritual awakening and a life calling to create a wellness movement on the West Coast. At 40, I moved to San Diego to start life over.

A few years later, in an unusual chain of events, "aloha" became my mantra and the foundation for my self-love journey. Adopting an aloha mindset not only transformed my life but also became my life purpose to share it. Today, I share the wisdom I acquired from my aloha journey in my blog, podcast, and workshops.

On a mission to empower the world with love, kindness, and compassion, I use aloha to help others cultivate a positive mindset, increase their self-worth and self-esteem, build courage and confidence, create healthy habits, practice self-care, live with purpose, and transform their lives. 

Here, you'll find tips, tools, inspirational stories, and valuable information about personal growth and transformation to help you live, love, and lead with aloha.

Mahalo for stopping by!