Living Life With Aloha

Living aloha is a way of life, embracing the aloha spirit in everything you do. It is deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture and the connection to everything around you. We live, we love, we appreciate, we give, and we play with our whole hearts and selves. Always with respect for others, nature and ourselves.

When broken down, the word aloha is a combination of three different root words. “Alo”, meaning “sharing”, “oha”, meaning “joy”, and “ha”, meaning “life energy.” When brought together using traditional Hawaiian grammar, it translates to “joyfully sharing life.”

Aloha is commonly used as both greeting and farewell in Hawaii, but, the spirit of aloha goes beyond simple salutations. The real meaning of aloha in Hawaiian is love, peace, and compassion. Wherever you live, you can use these tips to harness the aloha spirit in order to live your life with aloha.

  • Appreciate everything. The number one tenet of embracing the aloha spirit is to be thankful for the beauty of the world around you. Be open to enjoy life’s adventures, the people you get to meet, and the experiences shared with others. They’re all part of what makes life rich and fulfilling.
  • Pay homage to nature. The Hawaiian islands are home to incredible natural beauty. There’s an inherent connection to nature that embodies living aloha. Enjoy spending time outdoors and pause to notice the incredible beauty of the world around you. By living each day in harmony with nature we ensure it will be around for future generations to enjoy.
  • Stay rooted in your ‘ohana. Community, family, and kindness are cornerstones of the Hawaiian lifestyle and living life with aloha. Your extended family or ‘ohana is a big part of what connects your home, work, and community. All the people that boost your life, inspire you, make you a better person, and fill you with joy.
  • Be kind. Treat those around you with the kindness they deserve and the world will turn it around to you in kind. When you lead with aloha, good things will follow. You’ll have a better chance of finding the perfect balance in your life. That doesn’t always mean that there won’t be any conflict, but it does mean that despite any challenges that come your way, you’ll have a definable and noticeable peace of mind.

Maui Jim believes in living and embracing the aloha spirit both in business and in life.  Trust us when we say...the views better from here.