Want to Reach Your Full Potential? It Starts with Self-Love

Self love is unconditional. It’s not a thing that happens only when you are hitting every goal, smashing the glass ceiling, living out every life bucket list. It’s easy to love ourselves when life tells us we are “winning” or getting what we want. 

What’s harder is to look in the mirror with love and compassion when life feels off track, stuck, or how somehow we messed up big along the way. It’s here in these moments that only love will help us rise to our highest and fullest potential. It’s not love from the outside world, but the deep love that lives within us and is available to us all the time. A love that stands strong despite who is by our side, how much is in our bank account, or what title comes next to our name. 

Reaching our full potential is a journey to truth. The only truth is this world is love. So it’s starts here and it starts with you. It’s impossible to reach your full potential if you can’t love the perfect soul in you despite any external circumstances. When we focus our value and worth on the external, it’s a lifelong chase nowhere. The external anything will never be enough and is impermanent. Human nature will always keep wanting the next best thing once we have attained the thing that we thought was the best thing at that moment. The only thing eternal is love. 

As a coach working with a lot of successful people, I often hear, “I will love myself when…”, “I will be happy when…”, “I will work on loving myself when…”, “I just need to focus on work right now.” Yet, they are all seeking coaching for personal development, growth, and to reach their full potential. It’s sometimes a hard wake up call to understand that the first priority in getting to our highest and best self starts with loving the beautiful person trying to get there.

What to start a journey to self love and not sure where to start?

  • Take a look in the mirror. What do you see? What do you feel? Write it down.
  • Take note of your daily dialogue. What do you tell yourself everyday? Can you shift your negative talk to a positive one?
  • Make a list of all the things you love about yourself. This might be a tough one for some. Be patient.
  • Sit with yourself. REALLY sit with yourself and get to know the soul inside without outside distractions. We can get so busy we lose total connection with our true self.
  • Spend time in nature. See the perfection and perfect imperfection in nature and recognize that within yourself. 
  • Work on believing you are worthy of your own love despite any external factors. 
  • Meditate. Practice a love and kindness meditation to connect with cultivating the feeling of love from the inside out.
  • Keep a journal to see your journey unfold and take note of the moments in your life where more self love was needed.
  • Make time for self-care as that is a key ingredient to self love. 
  • Share love with those around you. We can only give and receive what we are willing to give and receive ourselves. 
  • Get help. Hire a coach, work with an energy or breathwork practitioner, work with a therapist to help you through the process if you are struggling to do it alone. 

Each of us has access to infinite potential and possibility at any given moment. It’s a decision we must take, it starts with choosing love. Choosing to love ourselves fully. Then any dream, goal, life is within reach. 

Your highest and best self is waiting for you. It’s waiting for you to open your heart to yourself and choose love.