Why Is It Important to Love Yourself? Let's Find Out!

By ThinkRight.me

Sonya Friedman said, and I quote, “The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.” And, it took me a great deal to realize that the true love I had been searching for was nowhere else but within me. From stumbling upon bad relationships to being belittled for my incapabilities, I’ve come a long way only to realize my self-worth. People’s measurement of giving respect to me was dependent on the amount of respect I gave to myself. And, the moment I kept myself before anyone or anything, I found out why is it important to love yourself.

For the people we truly love and admire, we challenge our self-respect, giving them the unconditional power to treat us the way they want. Unknowingly, we start depending on their approvals for measuring our worth. But it’s time we change and make ourselves independent of anyone else’s approvals. It’s time we depend only on ourselves, for love. You’d be wondering what good would it do now, anyway?

Here’s why you need to realize why is it important to love yourself –

#1 You’ll realize that nobody can love you as much as you can love yourself.

#2 You and only you will be the master of your feelings.

#3 You’ll never run out of love to give to yourself.

#4 People will start loving you in accordance with how much you love yourself.

#5 You’ll know how much love to expect from other people and will never settle down for less.

In the state of always being a giver, it becomes really tough to make the drift and centre all your love towards yourself. However hard we try, the idea of loving ourselves looks too complicated. Having been on the giving side for so long, we forget what loving yourself means.

I’d like to share a few ways that can help you to start loving and putting yourself before anybody else.

#1 Learn to say ‘NO’ to things that you do not agree with.

#2 Pamper yourself with the luxuries you’ve been longing to give to yourself.

#3 Stick to your opinions and follow only what your heart says.

#4 Forgive yourself for all the things that you think you’ve done wrong to yourself.

#5 Trust your decisions and stop doubting your capabilities.

Once you start loving yourself, you’ll start seeing love flowing in from all directions. Love yourself enough and live life happy.