A Magical Discovery

03 Jan

Aloha is...a magical discovery while on a morning walk and creating a new holiday tradition.

This weekend, we walked through a portion of the canyon behind our house and into another neighborhood. We found ourselves at a huge, beautiful park located between a section of houses. Just on the other side of a fence that separated a neighborhood from this park, a neighbor set up a train set on the side of his house for passersby to enjoy. The owner was outside at the moment. Admiring his work, I asked how long it took him to set up. He said it was his first time doing it, so it took him a month. He added that he looks forward to continuing this new tradition, but hopes to be able to set it up in less time moving forward. In the meantime, I look forward to more walks to this park and watching this man's new passion grow.

Beautiful things happen when you're willing to try something new!

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