A Passion for Home Decor

23 Jan

Aloha is...having a passion for home decor.

Well, that's a wrap! Before I take down my holiday decorations, I'd thought I'd give a peek of what some of my holiday decor looked like.

I have a passion for home decor. It's truly important to have activities you enjoy doing alone and with others. Exercising your passions can help lift your spirits and optimize your mental health and well-being.

Home decor is so much fun for me. If only I could spend every day decorating! It's one of the reasons why I look forward to the holidays so much!

Being surrounded by color and items of nostalgia is also comforting especially during uncertain times. Creating beautiful spaces to help calm your mind, relax your body, lift your mood, and create fond memories for your family and guests is a healthy way to prevent and reduce anxiety and depression. For me, the act of decorating and the results of decorating definitely help my mood!

And, that's why the teardown is so depressing for me. I spend so much time building my house up that teardown day is the biggest letdown day, especially since our dog passed away just before the holidays.

So, I dragged my feet for as long as I could until even my younger dog gave me the stink-eye! Then, I spent all of last week tearing down Christmas decorations, organizing them for storage, and then storing ten-plus bins to wrap up another holiday.

This week, I did some crafting and put up some Valentine's decorations in preparation for a small Galentine's soiree. C'mon, I needed a fix to brighten up our rainy winter!

I literally didn't take pictures until the day I began my teardown.....And, I-spy my Pinto in one of them, can you? ha!

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