A Physical Therapist Who Helps You Heal by Listening

05 Mar

Aloha is...when your physical therapist helps you heal by listening.

Injuries can be traumatic not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  They can interrupt your daily activities, suck your energy, remind you of what you can't do anymore and rob you of the person you were before the injury.  Simply put, they can strain the relationship between yourself, your body and your mind and they can drain your enthusiasm for the life you had.

But, if you work with a person like Renee, who takes the time to listen and make small talk, you can learn to trust the process of recovery as you regain your strength, mobility and faith in yourself. 


At the beginning, I was no peach.  I hate to admit it, but I was the pit.  I would sometimes - OK, a lot of times - arrive mad, cranky or disbelieving that I would get "back to normal."  I was mad that I couldn't swim, run, bike or train like I used to and I already had a lot of weight to take off.

As my birthday and holidays were fast approaching, I also knew sticking to a strict diet would be nearly impossible.  When I'm in pain, I also find it very hard to eat as healthy as I'd like.  In fact, with the kind of pain I was having, I started emotionally eating again.  I would reach for chocolate, ice cream or a cupcake just because I was in pain and I was mad about it. 

So, I could feel the pounds creeping up by the day.

At therapy, Renee let me process my pain and how unhealthy I felt until even I got tired of hearing it.  Eventually I talked about more positive things like the Masked Singer, visiting family back East and my empowerment aspirations. All the while, she reassured me I was making progress and that I would get back to my old self again.

I just had to give it time.

Time. It's not something us East Coasters are patient about.  But an East Coaster herself, Renee understood that.  

Well, 12 sessions of chiropractic, 12 sessions of physical therapy and five months since the injury occurred, I'm back to running.  Even if it's only a few blocks, it's a start. 

I'm still having some pain issues and I'm not done with treatment, but as I turn the corner onto the block where I live, my feet slapping against the pavement, my breath hissing through my lips like an old tire, and the late afternoon San Diego breeze caressing my face, I'm just starting to feel like my old self again. 

And, I have Renee to thank for that. 

Remember the people who help you pick up your pieces, help you glue them back together - no matter how jagged their edges-  and make you feel whole again. 

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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