A Surprise Birthday Gift from Your British Bestie

27 Oct

Aloha is ...receiving a surprise birthday package from your British bestie, who currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Nadine Kostak is my British bestie of about 15 years now.  We met at a job where I worked as an account manager for an international work and travel program where I oversaw staffing at 200 accounts nationwide.  Nadine recruited college-aged camp counselors from me for her all-girls camp in Connecticut.  She was a tough customer, but I respected her need to perform well for her job and to know exactly what they needed to have a successful summer.  As a result, we became fast friends, which lasted well beyond losing that job in the 2008 recession.

So, the greatest things can come from even one of the hardest times in your life.

Back to the mailbox...  

I really need to open my mailbox more regularly! My birthday was on the 24th and it's already the 27th.

Have you ever seen such a cute pineapple that doubles as a tote bag? Whhaaaat? The tin is for collecting your ideas for your bucket list. I think I'm gonna need a bigger tin for my bucket list!! How cute is that idea? I'm going to write my first goal/dream in it tonight and wear my new earrings for my gray-haired posse at work tomorrow because they love it when I wear colorful earrings.

Mahalo for this very sweet and thoughtful surprise, Nadine!

You made my day and filled my heart.

Love you!!!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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