A Surprise Gift from Your Former Boss

17 Oct

Aloha is....a sweet surprise in the mail from your former boss after a rough day and a week before your birthday. 

A pineapple wind chime? Yes, please!

My friend and colleague, Chuck Morrell, ROCKS! Chuck has been a big fan of my journey in aloha, as you can tell by his special pineapple gift.

Chuck was my boss when I worked as a Student Manager at the University of Connecticut Student Union.  I started my career at the Student Union as a freshman, where I initially worked in event ticket sales.  Then, I worked in the billiards room before working as a student manager.  Our claim to fame was that we were the only university east of the Mississippi where the students ran the student union in the evening and on weekends!

FLASHBACK:  Back when I was a manager, the student managers would use Chuck's office as our office.  On the nights I worked, I would sit at Chuck's desk and write a poem before the end of my shift and leave copies of it for the full-time (adult) staff to find in their mailboxes the following morning.  

Since, reuniting on Facebook, Chuck and I have been able to stay in better contact.  He's helped me unite with other Uconn alumni, too.  While on a California vacation with his family, he even stopped in San Diego one quick weekend so that we could connect over coffee for the first time in decades!  Then, when I came back to Connecticut one summer to visit family, we stopped at the new-and-improved Uconn campus where Chuck himself gave us a quick tour in the pouring rain.

Thank you so much, Chuck, for remembering my birthday with this awesome gift, but, most importantly for always supporting my dreams and my mission in aloha!  

Like your card said, you're right! I'm not getting older! I'm just "another year closer to TOTAL AWESOMENESS!" 

This is my year, I can feel it!

Ps. This will look great against the house when we repaint it next month!
Mahalo and Alohaaaaaaa!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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