A Tribute to Good Ol' Brooklyn

28 Sep

Aloha is...saying goodbye to our dear friend, Rosa, who moved to Florida today with her niece.

Good Ol’ Brooklyn
A Loving Tribute to our Friend and Resident by C.T. McGee

I could never forget my dear friend, Rosa;
She is one of the kindest and funniest of all New Yorkers;
So, I call her “Brooklyn” after the borough where she grew up;
There the people are honest and fun, but, boy, are they tough!
But, good ol’ Brooklyn has such a kind and gentle way;
She always has a positive word to brighten your day;
She has an ability to create beauty all around,
From her pictures and jewelry to her plants or the sound
Of her own laugh after almost everything she said,
Or from singing, “I will follow you” whenever I led;
I will miss our shopping sprees to her favorite store, Ross,
Where she always found what she wanted and showed me who’s boss
Of fashion and class and finding good deals,
Even at the age of 94 relying on her walker’s wheels;
She gets around fast when there is shopping to be had;
Like a bad day of fishing, there’s no such thing as shopping gone bad!
She always told me she loves to feel the wind against her face
When we drove in the car with the window down headed some place
To find beads for a new necklace she was making to wear
Or to have a cup of coffee and a conversation about marriage to share;
Good ol’ Brooklyn was The Arbors’ bingo and pokeno queen!
With only one eye, she’s won more games than anyone I’ve seen!
I’ve heard the others say that we have to retire her playing cards now;
It just wouldn’t be the same if someone else used her cards anyhow
Because Brooklyn just always had the best of luck;
Her secret is she’s in it for the fun with friends and not for the buck!
Brooklyn just has a passion for life, laughter and fun;
She loves to keep busy and enjoys meeting everyone!
And, everyone loves Brooklyn - everyone who knows her;
We will all miss good ol’ Brooklyn;
We will all miss our friend, Rosa.

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