Attending Church with Family

23 Feb
Aloha is.... attending church with your father and grandmother.

Today, I was able to attend church, standing alongside my 70-year-old father and 95-year-old grandmother.  Since I moved to San Diego, my father takes my grandmother to church every Sunday. Going to church is Grandma's favorite trip out of the house.  She loves to dress up and connect with her friends and fellow parishioners. My father is even an usher!  

Grandma still tutors children and adults in religious studies in her home.  She helps anyone who needs first communion or confirmation achieve their goals. Teaching is her favorite passion, for she not only teaches the Bible, but she also shares her love, kindness, compassion and wisdom to help people become their best version of themselves.  She has the aloha spirit.

Aloha is any act or gesture that positively serves your mind, body or spirit. It's any act that brings love, kindess, compassion, peace, mercy or affection into your life. The more aloha you cultivate within yourself and the more you share it with others, the better your life and the better the world we live in together. 

We all have the power to bring aloha into our lives. First, you must simply choose to believe you have the power within yourself to make a positive difference. You must also choose to believe you deserve to love yourself and that others can love you in return. 

There is no act too small or too insignificant in cultivating, sharing and spreading aloha. It all adds up. It all starts with your thoughts and attitudes and plays out in your actions. Your actions lead to results and outcomes in your life. Therefore, the quality of your actions determine the quality of your outcomes. 

I use aloha to improve myself and to help improve the lives of others. I use it to help comfort people in times of suffering, to help them heal, to help them overcome challenges, to help them solve their own problems, to help them move forward and to help them create positive outcomes in their own lives.

When you cultivate aloha, your whole life changes for the better - starting with your relationship with yourself and then with others.  How?  When you think, act and treat yourself in a kinder, more loving and compassionate way, you naturally create a safer space in your mind to build the courage and the confidence needed for setting new goals, dreaming new dreams and trying new things. This boost of courage and confidence triggers positive actions that move you in the direction of your goals and dreams. As a result of your actions, people around you will change in how they respond and interact with you and the life you are creating by and for yourself.

How do I know this?
Because it happened to me....

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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