Being Boundless

14 Dec
Aloha is...being boundless.

There are a few poignant moments in our lives when we feel the strong urge to to make a change. Kenneth Pinckney remembers those moments well.

When Kenneth Pinckney was 18 years old, he knew he wasn't the smartest kid in the class and he didn't think he had much to offer to the world, but something inside him told him to leave his small country hometown in South Carolina to find his life purpose.

Eventually, he landed in San Diego, California. After doing some jobs here and there, and experiencing some up's and down's, he just kept going and kept searching for more. So at 29, he joined the Navy Reserves, where it took him 50 times just to pass the swim qualification in boot camp. Then, after boot camp, there were a few times when he didn't "make weight."  Standing at 6 feet tall, Kenneth failed weigh-ins at 240 lbs. At that moment, Kenneth said he'd either have to leave the Navy or "get over this hill," as he puts it.

It was then that he met a running group whose coach and members not only encouraged him to join, but also taught him how to run better and faster. As a result, he brought his 15-minute mile down to an 11-minute mile and he not only took off the extra weight, but he maintained his weight loss and his position in the Navy Reserves!

By the time I met Kenneth, he was already working as the part-time driver for my gray-haired posse at our senior living community. He was also going to college to earn his degree in social work. All the while, he stayed in the Navy Reserves and developed a profound passion for running. A svelte 200-lb, lean, mean running machine, he was always participating in any weekend running venture he could afford - from 5k's to 50k's.

There is no limit in his mind for this man. Having graduated from college just two years ago, he's now a full-time social worker and still in the reserves. Now at 43, he's also an entrepreneur whose mission is to empower others to exercise with his first apparel line.  His hats and dry-fit shirts are emblazoned with a special mantra that's not only carried him through some tough trail runs, but also through Life:

Love It. Hate It. Embrace It.
The Journey.

Because there are no limits to what he thinks or does and because he has such an enthusiastic energy and attitude toward Life, Kenneth is boundless.

Kenneth proves you're never too old to set a new goal, dream a new dream or try something new or different. Even though he has no business experience, he's not letting that stop him from sharing his passion for running and his messages of "get over that hill" no matter how high and "keep going" no matter how rough or tough the trails are in your life.

I applaud Kenneth for never giving up and for always believing in himself.  His strong belief in himself is what makes me want to believe in him even more.  To support his personal journey, his positive messages and his business venture in empowerment, I bought two hats and two shirts - one for me and one for my podcast-partner-in-crime, Stasia, as a Christmas gift because she is a fitness enthusiast, too.

Remember, when you empower yourself, you empower others.  And, just by empowering others, you empower yourself.

Great job, Kenneth! I will continue to cheer you on!
Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!
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