Being Open to Receiving

25 Feb
Aloha is... being open to receiving.
That's a wrap!
  • 3,000 miles
  • 95 years of Grandma to celebrate
  • 50 sleepless hours
  • 40 cups of coffee
  • 30+ friendly NM faces
  • 24 RAK/Valentine's Day cupcakes
  • 15 glasses of wine
  • 14 relatives
  • 12 children's Valentine songs
  • 10 points of living room soccer 
  • 9 bagels
  • 8 dogs
  • 7 baskets of living room hoops
  • 6 rounds of thumb war
  • 5 beds
  • 4 UConn dormmates
  • 3 favorite kids
  • 2 sushi dinners
  • 1 mission in aloha
When I travel home, I'm on a mission to spread aloha. But, this year, the theme became increasingly clear: be open to receiving love, light and direction from others, too.

This year it was good to just allow others to offer their love, encouragement and support and to accept it. To often we are too stubborn to see that others want to provide a guiding light to help illuminate your path. Even if you think you know the way, it doesn't hurt to see it more clearly and to know there are others available to guide you should you stumble, fall or lose your way.

I have been on a path of transformation for nearly eight years. This road has been plenty bumpy with extreme highs and lows. There were times I thought I made a mistake in choosing this path, but those times usually revealed a new lesson to learn in my journey. 

As brave as I am for starting this trek alone with nothing but a belief in myself and a burning desire to fulfill my dreams, there are times fear and doubt can cloud my judgement. I'm now at a fork in the road where I'm feeling yet another strong pull to travel to parts I've never gone before. And, there are plenty of concerns.

But, I firmly believe that when you believe in yourself, others will believe in you, too. And, I've finally reached that part of my journey where I see my proof.

Thanks to all of you who've crossed my path on this trip, I now have the encouragement and stronger conviction needed to not only keep going, but to take on my next challenge.

For my "next trick," I'm now looking to officially launch my empowerment business this year. I had been laying the ground work by getting experience working with the elderly for four years and am going to build on that adventure by expanding my reach and creative ideas as my own entity.

I don't think I would've gotten this far nor received this much support had I not embraced my journey in aloha.

Thank you to all who've reached out or seen me on my 2020 CT TOUR! I'm truly blessed and grateful for this experience and for YOUR aloha.

Be loving and kind to yourself and to each other. 
Until we meet again, peace out East Coast and...

Live, love and lead with Aloha!

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