Being Recognized for Your Passion

06 Apr

Aloha is...being recognized for your passion.

Today, I got the sweetest surprise in the mail from my friend, Suzy Mala, back in New York.

I absolutely love it and will use it as my new gratitude journal!

It is so nice and comforting to receive a gift from out of the blue by a friend back home.  It not only shows that they're thinking of you, but they're also supporting your passion and purpose in life.  Suzy supports my passion for empowering women through fitness and she supports my journey in aloha.  

Like me, Suzy is a fitness enthusiast, but this Pineapple got so serious about her weight loss that she got involved with martial arts, like MMA fighting, to become the lean, mean fighting machine she is today!  She is a true fitness inspiration to me, so for her to think of me means the world!

Aloha, my Pineapple.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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