Believing I Can Fly

27 Oct

Aloha is ...believing I can fly.

Celebrate Life with as many "firsts" as you can and you'll never feel last!  For my 47th birthday, I wanted to do something I've never done before.  I wanted adventure.  So I chose something I could do with my stepsons to make it even more special.

Today, I am so thankful to experience a new "first" in my California life as a family. The boys, Zach's girlfriend and I jumped into my new "birth" year with an indoor skydiving experience at iFly Indoor Skydiving, using a Groupon I found online. It was a blast

While we were all nervous to varying degrees to take the leap at first, we all learned to adapt to the environment and its conditions, and not only learned to adjust, but learned to excel.  In fact, we all mustered the courage to fly even higher up the funnel by the second turn, using with the help and guidance of our instructor, of course.

And, turns out going higher was my favorite part.  It was amazing! Not only did we have fun, but we were all proud of ourselves and each other for getting out of our comfort zones and learning how to soar.

We then enjoyed lunch together (another rarity) to talk about our experiences. I loved it!

It took me the rest of the day to calm down from my "high" and by the day's end I couldn't help but see this experience as a great metaphor for Life.

To successfully skydive for a minute per flight, we were instructed to keep our chin up, arms at eye level, legs straight and body relaxed. The more you adhered to these pointers, the better your flight experience and the higher you'll fly. 

Well, the same holds true in Life. As you go through Life, aiming to hit your goals or fulfill your dreams, one may never know which way the wind may blow or how hard. Nevertheless, keep your chin up, stay focused and keep your eyes forward, stand and walk tall (straighten your legs) and keep your hands busy. Finally, relax and enjoy the ride. The more you stay positive and follow these pointers, the faster you'll get to where you're going and the higher you'll soar. Lastly, no matter how scared you are, don't let fear stop you from pursuing your dreams! Not only should you just "go for it," but have the courage to aim higher! Life is too short! So, take a leap of faith, believe in yourself and eventually others will believe in you, too.

I believe I can fly and I believe you can, too!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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