Brightening Your Mood by Brightening Your Space

04 Feb

Aloha is...Brightening your mood by brightening your space. A peek into my Valentine decor. Think decor and decorations are a waste of time? Consider this:

When I worked in senior living, a resident named Rosa, 94, was walking by a room whose door was left wide open one day. When she looked in, she saw things like artwork on the walls, houseplants in every corner, a small table for making beaded jewelry and mandala books for coloring, a recliner worn in all the right places, and a vintage armoire of stylish outfits.

With a smile, she said, "This room is so pretty! Whose room is this?" Then, in a heartbeat, she realized, It's my room! And, inside she went!

Every month, I watched residents move into their 12' x12' room. Many are angry, sad, scared, insecure, uncertain, and confused upon moving in. To help them transition to their new life, they're advised to bring their most cherished belongings. Can you imagine your life reduced to one room? What would you do?

Be like Rosa!
To create the most appealing environment, surround yourself with color, photos, and momentos. Images, plants, decor, holiday decorations, or things you've collected to reflect a life well lived or dreams you still have can boost your mood, mindset, and health.

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