Celebrating 80!

29 Jul

Aloha is...celebrating 80 years of life!

Today, I celebrated another "first" in the books on my California journey in aloha.  We celebrated my mother-in-law's 80th birthday with an 80's themed party at our house!  I had never thrown that kind of themed party before and it was so fun!  

Here's a photo of me and my hip-hop husband. (Unfortunately the group photo is too blurry and you can't see everyone's outfits.)

To prepare for the party, Aidan and I hit the local Party City to buy a bunch of silly decorations and parts of our costumes, and then decorated the house with balloons and colored dining ware.  We had also told everyone else that they had to show up in attire from that decade. Matt and I were in high school back then!  This is something we had never done before as a family so it was a fun family "first!" 

What a blast!

Matt went as hip-hop artist, "Q-T" and I dressed as "Tiffany the Teeny Bopper" with my mini skirt, headband and off-the-shoulder neon top.  Aidan put a fake "grill" in his mouth and wore slouchy pants as the rapper,  "A-Swazzy."  Matt's sister,  Andrea slipped into her leg warmers as the "Flashdancer" while her boyfriend, Ted, showed up in a headband and a pair of the smallest shorts possible to epitomize the tennis legend, John McEnroe.  (We hoped for no wardrobe malfunctions!)

Our niece, Mackenzie had it easy in jeans, t-shirt, bandana and sunglasses as the famous "Axel Rose" while her boyfriend, Erik, donned a wig and hat to portray the guitarist, "Slash."  And finally; my stepson, Zach dressed as just some" rad dude" while his girlfriend, Ashton, arrived to the party ready to work out as an aerobics fanatic. We were just so sorry to miss Matt's eldest sister, Candy, and her husband, Ron, at this party.

While Grandma and Grandpa Quigg did not dress up for the party, they sure did admire us for our colorful flashback of the times.  Between the colorful decorations, costumes and a competitive game of Pictionary, Aidan thought it was the "most fun party" we've had to date.

Stepmom scores for the win!

Happy Aloha 80th Birthday, Grandma Quigg!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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