Celebrating Cha Cha!

03 Mar

Aloha is...celebrating Cha Cha on her birthday!

Today we celebrate the beautiful talented, smart, funny, kind, loving and compassionate girl we all affectionately call "Cha Cha." But it's not just any birthday. It's her 30th birthday!

I cannot believe it's almost 8 years since I moved to San Diego, which means I've known Sam for almost all of her 20's!

You see, I answered a Craigslist ad placed by Sam and two other UCSD students in July 2012 for a room in a UTC townhouse. Who knew an old "you're so energetic for your age" lady like me would have so much fun living with college kids? In fact, the kids giggled when they found out I was older than one of their moms. (Note: I was not giggling.)

This makes Sam one of my very first friends I made in San Diego. She also bought me my first Sprinkles cupcake, brought me to my first college acapella performance (her group), got me involved in my first Color Run event, witnessed Matt (back when he used to dress for a date) at the door with my first dozen red roses for my first birthday in California (and predicted we would get married), introduced me to my first Anjelah Johnson skit, "Nail Salon," and gave me the opportunity to prepare her for an interview for her first job working in a pharmacy to help pave the way for her career as a pharmacist.

Because we were the only filipinas in the house, I naturally gravitated to Sam. Not only did we become fast friends, but I also secretly adopted her as my only "daughter." 

Once my two-month "lease" was over, instead of kicking me out, she and the other housemates allowed me to continue living with them! That's right, because of this girl and her housemates I avoided becoming homeless! And when another housemate didn't work out, they got me my own room back just in time for my first job.

I will never forget the Aloha spirit in this woman. As a result of her kindness and friendship, we are forever family! Thanks for taking that chance on me when I answered your ad, Sam.

To the girl who can literally rock ANY hairstyle, hair color and hair length:
Happy Aloha 30th Birthday, Cha Cha!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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