Celebrating Father's Day

21 Jun

Aloha is...celebrating your father on Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! 

To the guy who got me to like scrambled eggs, lives for NY Yankees baseball, and makes fish tremble everywhere....

1. Dad was always the smallest/shortest kid in his class!
2. Dad even played ball in the service in the Philippines.
3. The highlight of my dad's day when he came home from a day in the Air Force was to take the crocheted hat my mom made and throw it from the doorway across the room to land on my head while I bounced up and down in my crib. He said I would even move my head to help it land on my head. He said we made a great team! When he moved to America ahead of me, separating us for several months, he said he was so afraid I'd forget him.

But alas, when I arrived, I hadn't forgotten him.

And, I never will.

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