Celebrating Grandma's 95th Birthday

16 Feb

Happy 95th Birthday to my grandmother, Florence Rover McGee.

Known to the world as a teacher, she is also a consummate student of the world. Being a teacher and student go hand in hand. You cannot teach without first having learned. And, to be a good teacher, the learning never stops - not even at 95.

Her ability to effectively teach and create "a-HA!" moments for her students comes from having a positive attitude, decades of keen observation of how people operate and her ability to connect with others in a way that makes them feel safe, loved, important and like they truly matter.

Even at 95, she continues to teach religious studies and Life lessons to ANYONE at ANY age who will take a moment to get off their cell phone to listen and learn. Her door is always open to you because her heart is always open to love.

My whole life, Grandma kept telling me I was a teacher. But all I could picture in my head was students sticking gum under the desks and spitballs in my hair. It took me a long time to understand what she saw in me. Besides being a loving grandmother and mentor, I now consider her a colleague in teaching kindness, love and compassion. But, I can only hope to be seen as half the teacher she is someday. She is my guiding light and my idol!

Happy Aloha 95th Birthday, Grandma!...And, you were right, "Better days are coming!"

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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