Celebrating Grandpa's Birthday

12 Aug

Aloha is....getting a photo of smiles from across the miles on my dad's birthday.

Recently, Dad turned 69 years old and in this photo he is surrounded by his three beloved grandchildren who keep him young at heart and in shape!  His grandchildren keep him learning, reading, playing, running, jumping, throwing, laughing and smiling every day.  He's known for even playing with eldest granddaughter, Ella, and her Barbies when she was quite young.  He's the go-to fella for a catch in the yard or for a game of hoops in the driveway.  He's their favorite fisherman and their number one New York Yankees and Giants fan.

Everyone can count on Grandpa to fix something, pick someone up, or play with someone to keep them busy until the parents came home.  And, everyone loves "Gramps."

Since the kids were born, we've begun a tradition of holding fingers up to show how old the kids were and to remind us from year to year.  In this photo, everyone can still use both hands to show their ages, but it looks like Dad could use a few more hands. And, what happened to his candle? Guess the zero was the only one they had on hand!

Happy Aloha Birthday to the Man, the Myth and the Legend some know as Johnny Mac!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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