Celebrating Halloween with Hazel!

31 Oct

Aloha is...fooling your gray-haired posse by dressing up as a new resident.

"Hi!! My name is Hazel (after my eyes) and I'm from da Bronx, N.Y.. I'm new in town! Will you be my friend?"

With a wig, cane, shawl and a pair of readers on my face, these were the New York-accented words I used to fool all but four of my residents on Halloween today.  "Hazel" even took a few staff members by surprise.  My teacher friend who lent me this costume normally uses it to celebrate the 100 days of School every year at her elementary school.

Alongside me are two of my favorite partners-in-crime who love a good laugh.  Darla, our office director, dressed up like a sock-hop gal and Happy, our front desk receptionist, dressed up as a German bar maid.

I didn't think I would be able to fool anyone, but it sure was fun watching them welcome me as their new friend and then laugh hysterically when they realized who I really was.  It just reminded me how poor their vision can get and how poor memory and cognitive function are everyday struggles for the elderly.  But, their sense of humor remained intact!

It was a good lesson for me to be mindful of their health conditions and how quickly it can change, for it's easy to take your own physical and mental abilities for granted.  

On another note, I think I might look good in blue hair!

Happy Halloween!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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