Celebrating Our First Year of Marriage

05 Aug

Aloha is...believing in yourself, following your dreams, sticking to your values and mastering the arts of compromise, compassion, patience and kindness in your marriage in both easy and hard times so that you continue to develop into the person you always wanted to be as well as grow in strength and love as a couple.

In this photo, we are smiling after a nice, simple meal and a few cocktails in tiki glasses at Duke's, one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego overlooking La Jolla Cove, where Matt presented me with my engagement/wedding ring.  La Jolla is also where we've had a few of our first dates.

.This first year of marriage has flown by! While most people our age are celebrating 20+ years together, I couldn't be more grateful for waiting all those years to meet this man!  He is the yin to my yang; the west to my east; and the smile to my frown whenever I'm down. He has given new meaning to love and it's infinite ways it can expand, grow, change, transform and evolve.  He's given new meaning to life, laughter, friendship, partnership, perseverance, sunsets and dreams yet to come true. 

Happy Aloha Anniversary, Boo!  I'm so grateful that we found the courage to take a chance on making changes in our lives for the better. By finding that courage, we found each other. Now, I cannot imagine my life without you. 

And, thank you, Matthew, for all you do for me and for being my aloha. 

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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