Conquering a Fear of Divorce

29 Sep

Aloha is...conquering a fear in getting a divorce.

"Fear-less Friday" acknowledges those Pineapples who stand a little extra tall in facing and conquering their fears or doubts to live their best lives. They not only have the courage to follow their paths in living with purpose and passion, but they also prioritize self-care to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  Taking care of your body to achieve optimal health and well-being is a form of practicing aloha.

Today's Wellness Warrior is San Diego Divorce Guru Infinity Dawn, 41, @theinfinityshift.  Find out why Infinity is fear-less:

1. MY 3 P's: 

  • PASSION: Ballet - It makes me feel graceful & beautiful no matter how old I think I look or feel. When I dance, I feel like I can conquer the world! 
  • PURPOSE: My calling lies in my gift of compassion. So many people suffer alone, feeling unheard or feeling there are no solutions to their problems. I offer an ear to listen without judgement, a shoulder to cry upon and the spine to help people change their situation. 
  • PATH: Public speaking, writing & coaching for divorced/divorcing people. Because I have relative experience where I faced judgement & condemnation, I'm passionate about supporting those in similar situations!

2. MY IG INSPIRATIONS: I'm new to IG - still discovering!

3. A FITNESS GOAL I ACHIEVED: After 4 pregnancies in 4 ½ years, I lost 50 lbs over 3 years & have kept it off for over a decade now by changing my eating habits, controlling food portions, dancing & strengthening my body.

4. MY NEXT GOAL: To firm up my booty, look good in the mirror and learn to be more proud of my body.

5. MY MOTIVATION TO KEEP GOING: Encouragement from others! A well-placed compliment can keep me on the straight and narrow for a long time!

6. MY FOOD KRYPTONITE: Sugar - chocolatey, creamy & ice creamy!

7. A FEAR I CONQUERED: Getting a divorce. I was afraid my kids would suffer, that I was giving up too soon & that I’d regret it. NONE of these fears were true! I visualized letting go of a trapeze bar & trusting the net below me before I pulled the trigger. Indeed, the net was there when I released that bar!

8. MY FAVORITE EXERCISE: Stretching daily has kept me bendy into my 40’s, despite lack of regular exercise the years I raised kids!

9. MY #1 PIECE OF ADVICE: There are 2 lies our subconscious tells us: Eating this will make me feel good. Exercising will make me feel bad. We have this ass-backwards. If we could get it straight, fitness would be much easier to maintain!

10. MY FAVORITE SAYING: “The best I can do is the best I can do!” (me)

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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