Conquering a Fear of Remaining Stagnant

03 Nov

Aloha is...being a "Fear-less Friday" wellness warrior who conquered her fear of remaining stagnant and failing.

"Fear-less Friday" acknowledges those Pineapples who stand a little extra tall in facing and conquering their fears or doubts to live their best lives. They not only have the courage to follow their paths in living with purpose and passion, but they also prioritize self-care to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  Taking care of your body to achieve optimal health and well-being is a form of practicing aloha.

Today's Fear-less Leader is Judith Mansson, 47, Creator and Yoga, SUP & SUP-Yoga Instructor at Flow-Rider Yoga in Kalmar, Sweden. Judy and I both grew up in the small New England town of New Milford, CT, where I was buddies with her younger sister, Patty. Their mother was also my video production class teacher in my senior year of high school. It is so wonderful to reconnect with schoolmates and to see their empowering impact on the world!

Read on to find out what makes Judith fear-less.

1. MY 3 P'S: 

  • PASSION: Yoga & SUP/SUP-Yoga. 
  • PURPOSE: To discover my calling, live my truth and empower others with compassion. 
  • PATH: Teaching, living by example and micro-blogging on IG.

2. MY INSTAGRAM INSPIRATIONS: @gregpanas for his photos, @scally_twins who seamlessly unite technique with philosophy and @gabbybernstein.

3. A FITNESS GOAL I ACHIEVED: Becoming a yoga and SUP-Yoga teacher.

4. MY NEXT GOAL: Yin teacher training.

5. MY MOTIVATION: The payback of feeling more comfortable in my body and more balanced in my mind.

6. MY FOOD KRYPTONITE: Reeses Peanutbutter Cup Sundaes!

7. A FEAR I CONQUERED: I'm afraid of just about everything, especially failing, but I'm most afraid of remaining stagnant. The drive to continue forward is what has helped me meet my fears.

8. MY FAVORITE EXERCISE: All things yoga, but nothing brings me closer to paradise than being out on my SUP board. Pure bliss every time!

9. MY #1 PIECE OF ADVICE: There's a fine line between encouraging yourself and forcing yourself to do something. Taking care of yourself should feel good and it should be something you want to do as opposed to feeling like you have to do. I usually say that yoga came to me but It actually took me two years to just remove the packaging from my first yoga mat! After nearly 20 years, my love for it has only deepened. This journey has been utterly amazing. Focus on being balanced by feeling balanced!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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