Conquering My Fear of Being Judged

27 Oct

Aloha is...being a "Fear-less Friday" Wellness Warrior who conquered her fear in being judged.

"Fear-less Friday" acknowledges those Pineapples who stand a little extra tall in facing and conquering their fears or doubts to live their best lives. They not only have the courage to follow their paths in living with purpose and passion, but they also prioritize self-care to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  Taking care of your body to achieve optimal health and well-being is a form of practicing aloha.

Today's Fear-less Leader is Valerie Walsh, 44, Creator of CORE Running Group, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness, TRX, Yoga & Spinning Instructor in my hometown of New Milford, CT. 

Read on to find out why Valerie is fear-less:

1. MY 3 P's

  • PASSION: My family and to be my children's role model. 
  • PURPOSE: To cultivate confidence in others by helping them set SMART fitness goals. Success lies in the journey and the courage to even try! 
  • PATH: Coach, trainer & instructor.

2. MY IG HEROES: @bitchsquadtraining - Watching her spread strength, love & positivity is a true inspiration! I also love @fitoverfortymom, @kathyhenkelfitness, @cindamin, @wrhythmfitnessstudio, @whatworks_llc, @_fadoyoga

3. A FITNESS GOAL I ACHIEVED: In 2016 I biked to the top of MT. Washington, the world's toughest hillclimb (open for trial). I first set this goal as just another physical challenge, but I quickly discovered it was a metaphor for life. My training included many strenuous climbs where my goal became simply to bike to the top without stopping. Just like life - keep moving forward by putting one foot in front of the other.

4. MY NEXT GOAL: To finish writing a book I started in 2013.

5. MY MOTIVATION: My family. I'm committed to being good to myself so I can be good to them.


7. A FEAR I CONQUERED: Being judged. Watching others in my running group and having the courage to be vulnerable and honest helped me confront this fear!

8. MY FAVE EXERCISE: TRX! I LOVE how it leverages gravity & body weight to challenge your strength, balance, coordination and flexibility all at once.

9. MY #1 PIECE OF ADVICE: Follow your gut instinct without being hasty. To make decisions, I gather information & pray for a solution that only my inner voice (gut) can give. Ever hear anyone say, “I really regret listening to my gut on that one!?"

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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