Conquering Stage Fright

13 Oct

Aloha is...being a "Fear-less Friday" wellness warrior who conquered stage fright.

"Fear-less Friday" acknowledges those Pineapples who stand a little extra tall in facing and conquering their fears or doubts to live their best lives. They not only have the courage to follow their paths in living with purpose and passion, but they also prioritize self-care to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  Taking care of your body to achieve optimal health and well-being is a form of practicing aloha.

It is an honor and a privilege to announce that today's Wellness Warrior is Kerry Gallagher Rowan, 46, the Co-Director of Dance, Professional Dancer and Dance Teacher at Fineline Theatre Arts.  I grew up with Kerry in our quaint New England town of New Milford, CT, where her passion and work is also based today! I'm so proud of the inspirational leader this woman has become! 

Read on to find out what makes Kerry fear-less!

1. MY 3 P'S: 

PASSION: Creating - my favorite stage of the process whether it's dance, art or dinner! 

PURPOSE: To continue learning about my art and sharing that knowledge with my students. 

PATH: Teaching and discovering new ways to get my ideas across to dancers.

2. MY INSTAGRA INSPIRATIONS: People who are always pushing their boundaries - whether it's traveling to new places or digging deeper into their art and lives.

3. A FITNESS/LIFE GOAL I ACHIEVED: I'm still performing! I'm savoring every opportunity I get asked to dance. Dance careers are typically quite short and I feel blessed that mine has spanned almost 30 years. When I was young I didn't take care of my body, but it became a necessity as I aged. Warming up & stretching are keys to my success!

4. MY NEXT GOAL: To find peace in the next chapter that doesn't involve performing - like choreographing. It's going to be a big emotional loss someday.

5. MY MOTIVATION TO KEEP GOING: My students! Seeing their IG posts of all the fabulous things they're doing all around the county and the world!

6. MY FOOD KRYPTONITE: Potato chips.

7. A FEAR I CONQUERED: Stage fright. As I started performing less I became more anxious about it. It was a total mental issue and I literally had to breathe and talk myself out of it! I realized I was dancing for ME and it didn't matter what anyone else thought.

8. MY FAVORITE EXERCISE/MOVE: As a warm up, you can't beat a plié and tendue. As a dancer my favorite thing to do is soar!

9. MY #1 PIECE OF ADVICE: Get out of your head! Be in the world! We often can spend too much time just thinking about things! Just do it!

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