Crossing Paths

05 Apr

Aloha is...crossing paths.

Who crossed your path today?

I had every intention of hiking Torrey Pines after work alone today for some much needed fresh air. But before I left the building, I saw Michael, a young man I work with in the hallway. Something told me to invite him. He had worked with us for a bit several months ago but then moved away. At that time, I remembered feeling it wouldn't be a good move for him. 

Then, just a month ago, I bumped into him at the gym! He had returned to San Diego and ran straight up to me and greeted me with a big smile and hug. I got him to return to work with us again!  But, today I had the honor and privilege of sharing my aloha with him while on a nature walk.  On our path leading to the sea, we talked about life lessons from the past that serve a a valuable purpose in carving a path to a better future. 

Everyone has their own path.  When we cross one another's path, we teach something and we learn something. There is always a lesson to share.  It is up to you to find that lesson.

Today, I learned a lot about this young man and I hope he learned something from me that could help him on his journey.

If you should cross someone's path today, be willing to lend an ear, a shoulder or a helping hand. Consider walking beside them or walking before them to help lead the way to the answers they may be seeking on their journey.

Aloha, Michael!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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