Finding My True Aloha

06 Aug

Aloha is...marrying the man of my California dreams.

Five years ago, I embarked on a journey to answer a calling.  By 40, I knew the East Coast didn't fit who I truly was nor who I was meant to become. I had never felt truly happy living here and had even tried living in other states for a while - Massachusetts, Florida, and Indiana. 

In fact, I just never felt like I belonged in Connecticut to begin with - from growing up in a post-Vietnam era to living in the fast-paced, high-stressed, dog-eat-dog world of the East Coast.  Inside, I had always felt like I was just a simple island girl who was meant to embrace a laidback lifestyle of endless sunsets by the ocean, wearing flip flops, a sundress and a flower in my long hair.  

I also could never commit to settling down, which was against my mother's cultural norms and the high expectations of people who've known me since childhood.  I either didn't meet the right guy or I didn't feel confident I would pick the right guy.  As a child, I have a memory of looking out the window of our apartment complex.  And, with my eyes fixed upon the lines separating the cars in the parking lot, I remember thinking "someday I will meet a man who was not from here and that he will love me just for me." 

Deep down, I always felt there was a bigger plan and a bigger purpose waiting for me and it was to be found out west.  So, with nothing but courage, faith, belief and hope, I set out to answer this calling - to discover my life purpose, follow my passions, fulfill my dreams and find true love in San Diego, California.  

Just two months after arriving, I met my California dream in a man named Matthew, which in the Bible means "gift."  And, what a gift he is.  He's changed my life forever with his twinkling blue eyes, sunny smile, infectious laugh, bear hugs and an Irish heart of gold.  

So, as of yesterday, August 5th, Matt and I officially joined hearts and joined hands to walk this amazing journey together as husband and wife. No ring, no dress, no pictures, no family - just two hearts and one solemn vow to support each other's dreams and to love each other for the rest of our lives. 

With a heart full of gratitude and bliss, I can say I have found my true aloha and my life purpose and know that the best is yet come as we build a life and my dream of impacting the world with aloha together.  

If there is anything anyone could possibly learn from me and my story, I hope it's that dreams can come true if you live, love and lead with aloha.  So, keep dreaming, believing and achieving.

Aloha, my Pineapples.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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