Finishing Your First 5K

15 Oct

Aloha is....when your niece finishes her first 5k road race!

"You are not born with greatness. Greatness comes from choosing to do positive, loving or life-changing things to inspire greatness in others." 

Congratulations to my 9-year-old soccer superstar, Ella, for finishing her first 5k in 24 minutes 28 seconds! I'm so happy to see her exercising her passion for running and having the courage and confidence to try something new!  Every time you get out of your comfort zone and do something for the first time, you are building self-esteem, courage and confidence and inspiring others to do the same.  

It's also important to remember to practice compassion for yourself in the process of doing something for the first time.  You cannot expect to be perfect or the best at something you've never done before. That just doesn't make sense. All you can do is focus on doing your best, but you might surprise yourself with the results.  Instead of focusing negative energy on how poorly you might do, consider being hopeful, optimistic and positive about how great you might do instead. See your challenge as an adventure and you might very well have a very positive outcome!

Besides, no matter if you do well or not, succeed or fail, or win or lose, that experience is documented forever "in the cloud" of your mind, the supercomputer of all human beings.   The courage and confidence you muster to try something new or different cannot be tainted or taken away by anyone.  You own that experience.  Even if you perform poorly, you now have newfound experience to learn from and build upon.  Keep trying new things because as you do, you will build a deep reservoir of courage and confidence to draw upon in the future.  Instead of hesitating or holding back out of fear, doubt or insecurity, you will instead meet the next new challenge or experience with curiosity, enthusiasm and positive energy.  And, that can make all the difference in your experience as well.  

Also, your attitude radiates as energy to other people.  When you empower yourself to try new things with positivity, you empower and inspire others to do the same. You never know who is watching and learning from your own experiences to create a better life for themselves!  Your actions speak louder than words, right?  Let them shout "aloha!"  

And, guess what?  You might also inspire someone to help you improve for the next time!  Be a believer and create a squad of believers around you!

Aloha is doing something positive for your mind, body or spirit. Not only is running your first 5k race good for your physical, mental and social health at minimum, but it also promotes self-care, self-esteem and self-worth.  Therefore, trying new things is an exercise in aloha. You are never too young or too old to set a new goal, dream a new dream or try something new or different.  What is something you've always wanted to try?

I am so very proud of Ella,  She is a dynamite of a kid in all she does to accomplish great things and inspire greatness in others. She is an inspirational leader in the making, for sure! 

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