Getting a Mohawk

19 Oct

Aloha is....getting a new mohawk design.

My youngest brother has been giving his only son, Jace, mohawk haircuts since he was a toddler.  Now eight years old, Jace plays youth football in his town and my brother has also been adding cool designs to the side of his head, like the one shown here.  It sure gets him noticed! Jace is already bigger than most kids his age, so he tends to attract attention anyway, but cool haircuts give him the kind of edge that not even the latest technology in sneakers could provide - confidence.

Sure, sneakers, clothes and equipment can help you perform better on the field.  But, whether on or off the field, kids need other things to help them feel good about themselves, too.  

Haven't you ever gotten your hair cut or colored to make you feel younger? Have you ever bought a certain shade of pink or red lipstick to make you feel more attractive?  Did you ever buy a certain pair of jeans because you thought it made you look thinner or a certain hat because you thought it made you look cool?

What do you wear on your outside to help boost how you feel about yourself on the inside?

There's nothing wrong with wanting a little help in boosting your confidence or self-esteem.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about yourself - in how you look or in how you perform at something. 

But, kids need that too.  Now, you don't have to go running to the nearest barbershop to request a mohawk for your kid to help them with their confidence.  You can start with getting to know how they feel about themselves right now.  Ask them what it is they wished they could change or improve about themselves if they could?  What would that look like? Then, do some research to help facilitate.  I'm not saying to spend a bunch of money either.  In fact, I challenge you to find out what else you can do or they can do to help boost their "self-powers" - their self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth or self-acceptance.

Empower them with activities that make them feel good about themselves by tapping into their abilities to create, connect and cultivate courage. Show kids there is always something they can do.  They can practice kindness and compassion for others by doing something for someone else. They can help someone with a chore, bake them cookies, sing them a song, go on a walk with them or give them a hug if they feel lonely.  They can make something with their hands even if it's not the best thing they've ever made.  They can derive a sense of pride from even trying!  Every time they do something new or different or for someone else, that will help build optimism, resilience, courage and confidence.  That will make them feel even better about themselves

Doing something for them is not always the goal either.  Do something with them.  This support is what makes the biggest difference in building confidence and self-worth in another person, especially your child. And, it is what makes any experience sweeter.  

My brother gives Jace mohawks and designs them too, but with his son's input.   It is an experience only they have together.  That is what makes this haircut so much more special than any new pair of kicks on the market could bring.

Is there something you and your child can do together that makes them feel so special?  That is how you can be a part of building their confidence and their self-worth and that is how you can build your confidence as a parent, too.  Boom!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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