Having a Best Friend Who Fishes

22 Feb

Aloha is...having a best friend to fish with.

My dad's greatest passion is fishing. He loves fishing all year round and he loves both salt-water and freshwater fishing.  In fact, I would joke that if there was a puddle in front of the house, he'd throw a line in!

As Dad gets older, I'm so happy he still finds a way to stay active, share a good laugh with a good friend and have a great day of fishing. This is one of his best buddies, Chip.  It was nice to see him on my trip home because I haven't seen him in decades.

I'm so grateful Dad still has a great friend in the area with the same interests.  As we get older, our bodies and our health can change, making it difficult to do all the things we love doing.  Sometimes it becomes a special treat or even a luxury to exercise our passion at all.

So, live in the moment and exercise your passion with a friend when possible. It's great medicine!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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