Having a Best Friend Who Leads By Example

29 Feb
Aloha is... having a best friend who leads by example and loves you through good and bad times.

My "NY Bestie" and one of my oldest and dearest friends, I've known Diana for over 20 years. Not many know about her because she hates her photo taken and because she's one of the busiest, hardest-working and toughest badass chicks I know.

I met Diana when a few health problems derailed my personal training and aerobic fitness teaching career. She was the very first person I met when I transitioned to the corporate world, starting as a temp in a big commercial real estate firm in White Plains, NY. I was scared out of my mind, but her smile, giggle and kindness put me at ease.

Diana's seen me go through a billion transitions ever since - in both my personal and professional lives. I've spent countless nights drinking wine, eating snacks and sleeping on her old red couch, crying over one guy or another or complaining about a job I had. The whole time, she remained supportive, kind, compassionate and understanding while encouraging me to find my way. If there's anyone who knows me and the hurdles I've jumped or the challenges I've overcome, it's this gal. She knows more than anyone how I've grown in confidence over the years and stronger in my determination to find my life purpose and fulfill my dreams.

When I met her, she was a single mom of two young kids living in a two-bedroom condo, driving an SUV which always needed work and tirelessly working on repairing her credit. 

Today, this fearless woman is happily married and living on a huge amazing estate, complete with a renovated home, horse barn and pond that she helped achieve for herself (along with her entrepreneurial husband). She also has her own real estate broker business and she's killing it!

Diana is like a sister I never had, but she's also my idol. Affectionately known as "The Diana Murphy School of Business," Diana has not only proven that you can be a strong, confident yet kind business woman, but also that it's never too late to set a new goal, dream a new dream or try something new or different. (At least not for us East Coasters!)

This is how Diana leads by example and this is why I love her dearly.

It was so great to see you, Diana, Mike and Katrina, and to meet your silly friends. I'll never forget our broom shenanigans!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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