Helping Children Live Their Best Lives

18 Feb
Aloha is...helping children live their best lives through creative educational programming.

This week I had the pleasure of seeing an old friend who taught me about a new concept in empowering children through education. An aerial yoga teacher, Jessica and I always shared a passion for holistic health and fitness - especially in regards to improving her family's quality of life. As one of my favorite forward-thinking moms on the planet, Jessica even sought new and unique solutions to learning for her children in a local organization she calls "homeschooling on steroids."

Located in Bethel, WORKSPACE EDUCATION brings families and professionals together as a community to collaborate, customize and create educational experiences for children who live locally and all over the world (yes, there was even a woman from Dubai taking a tour)!

Workspace is revolutionizing the way children learn by offering unique courses, acquiring high-quality talented and skilled instructors in their respective fields, and providing hands-on experience to children from elementary to high school level to help them better prepare for the real world. From sewing to cardboard construction, robotics, theater, video production, language and organic gardening classes and a whole lot more, these children are getting instruction and experience at a level not offered in most schools. 

Every conversation I've ever had with this amazing woman is about striving for success - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She's been an amazing source of positivity and support in my own life and one of my "go-to" girlfriends when I need advice and encouragement to pursue my best life. I can only imagine the positive impact she's making on these children. I'm so grateful for her friendship and spiritual guidance on my journey. 

Aloha blessings, Jessica!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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