Laughing Over Stories from Yesterday & Today

25 Feb
Aloha is... laughing over stories from yesterday and today with old family friends. 

Some of the friendships at Abbey's Bar tonight in New Milford, CT, go back to my childhood and some were only made in recent years. But no matter how long I've known these beautiful souls, one thing is clear: they have all known, loved and accepted me and my family for who we were yesterday, who we are today and who we're working to become tomorrow. That will always make them family to me.

I'm sorry I missed Bobby Rothbart in these pictures because he told me the most amazing stories and memories of my dad in his early days of playing softball at Young's Field. My dad was part of the original band of brothers diving for the ball in the '70's. I'm used to hearing stories about my brothers as the amazing athletes they are, but to hear that my dad was his favorite McGee athlete almost made me cry.

I also missed my shot at photo-documenting a "Jim Winter sighting" but our conversation still brings a smile to my heart.

Frank, thank you for a wonderful dinner and for yelling at me for swearing too much. I can't wait to go back to Cali to tell everyone what pansies you're all becoming out here...Lol

Julie and Jason McKay, you both know how I feel about you. You're the toughest couple in town. You can literally survive anything. You're my heroes and I look forward to the beautiful home you rebuild!

Jen, my Netflix buddy, your kind words especially touched my heart and will travel far with me....

Mike, Tracey and Blaze, I loved your kick-ass, take-no-prisoners support and encouragement to help me overcome the hurdles that lie ahead. I needed that!

JR, my brothers were pretty upset to hear you didn't sing one darn country song for me because they say you're THAT good! Lol Next time!

Jack, nice of you to show up just in time for us to close the bar, Lol. Kidding! You know you're one of our faves. 

Of course, we couldn't get through the night without mentioning and missing another regular in our crowd - Randy Blore, another "brother" who helps serve as the glue that binds us all.

Thank you to all of you for coming out to share your aloha and for supporting my journey. I am so blessed for you all.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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