Laughing with Old Friends During Challenging Times

19 Feb
Aloha is... laughing with old friends despite challenging times. 

My friend, Julie, and her family had a terrible fire that destroyed more than the second floor of their house last week. While she could have stayed snug as a bug in a rug, recovering in her temporary housing, dwelling on everything they lost, (their son lost everything he owned minus the clothes on his back and she and her husband lost all their personal belongings), she instead insisted that us college friends keep our plans to catch up over dinner while I was in town. 

So, last night we celebrated friendship and shared gratitude for all we still have now and have yet to look forward to. We also laughed hysterically over Jen's stories about her children who tell her "too much." My UConn roomie kills me!

These are my friends of 30 years and I'm so proud to still have them in my life to keep me grounded and to keep me laughing. Love you girls!
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