Learning Kindness from Others

16 Feb
Aloha is.... learning kindness from others.

A friend for over 20 years now, Valerie, is always a source of inspiration, love, kindness and positivity in all things she does. She has the golden touch and a heart of aloha.

As a fitness trainer and running coach, she empowers men and women in her community to move and take care of their bodies.  She also inspires her two children every day to do the same by leading by example - always dancing with them videos, running, biking and cooking healthy meals and snacks. Having had some serious health challenges in her life already, she is not one to take her health for granted.

As a neighbor and CCD teacher, she also helps to move people's minds, fill their hearts and lift their spirits. She looks after and connects with her neighbors using even the smallest of gestures to make them feel loved and like they matter.  There isn't anything she wouldn't do to help anyone in our hometown in need.

She also does all she can to broaden the minds of today's youth in religious studies - even securing engaging speakers with inspirational stories about real life experiences of hardship, pain and struggle.

Valerie has the golden touch. She doesn't go a single day without positively impacting someone's life.  Even at 3,000 miles away, she still impacts mine in everything she does!

As always, it was wonderful having brunch with you, Valerie! Keep smiling. Keep shining. And continue to live, love and lead with aloha.

Aloha, my Pineapple.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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