Living Life with Purpose at 95

28 Feb

Aloha is...staying strong, capable, purposeful and young by living on your own terms.  

Grandma McGee may be 95, but she is still capable of doing many of her own chores and she's damn proud of it!  When asked, she will tell you that she is determined to keep living on her own terms. 

When cleaning, she has a method to keep her safe but active so that she can still do some of her own chores around the house. She paces herself, takes breaks and sits on this solid, sturdy stool that my dad made when he was in high school! That means that stool is at least 50 years old!

And she does it all while wearing lipstick, high-wedged flip-flops and an apron over her clothes!

What are YOU doing to stay strong, capable and young?  How are YOU living your life with purpose?

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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