Mimosas by the Pool

20 Feb

Aloha is... walking in spring weather with a beautiful friend then enjoying the afternoon drinking mimosas with her by the pool. 

Today, I got to reconnect with my friend Elisha (who didn't want her photo taken) after a hike through her neighborhood and a few sets of squats and lunges at a local park. And, when I say "hike," I mean it! She has this huge hill where I just had to stop talking just to catch my breath. It's that steep!

Then, she welcomed me to her home for bagels, fresh fruit, and mimosas by the pool. I had this gorgeous backdrop of blue skies and hummingbirds flying around her Buddha water fountain on the other side of the pool. It was a delicious day of spring weather, good food, and meaningful girl talk.

Elisha is one of those friends you can completely be yourself around. She is beautiful, but down-to-earth, genuine, outdoorsy, and athletic.  Like me, she's a stepmother, but she also has children of her own. And, together we are riding the waves of change  - internally and externally.  As middle-aged women, we connected over our changing bodies and how stubborn they are to respond to diet and exercise, the ups and downs of pandemic living as well as the political landscape of our country.  We also talked about how these crazy times have changed people or, perhaps, how they may have helped reveal their true selves.

Friends come and go, we decided. And, we need to keep our expectations low as we've found that not everyone treats you as you would treat them.

It's been a hard pill to swallow, but it's the truth.

At the end of the day, you can be friendly to everyone, but you don't have to be friends with everyone, and that's ok.

Stay true to who you are, and, hopefully, your friends stay true to you.

 our country.

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