My Grandma Turns 96!

18 Feb


"Grandmothers always have time to talk and make you feel special." - Catherine Pulsifer

This quote couldn't be more true as I think fondly of my grandmother. Yesterday, Grandma turned 96, making her the oldest member of the Rover Clan (her maiden name) and I believe the oldest to ever live on both sides of my family.

▶ When asked what she learned about this year and her best piece of wisdom, she replied: "Stay close to your family and stay home!"

▶ When asked what the best part of turning 96 was, she replied: "I made it! And, I'm happy to be alive!"

There you have it, folks. Love your family, stay safe as best as you can, and live life to the fullest.

Here she is pictured with my dad and a #fbf photo of me with her on my birthday, the year she made matching dresses for me and my doll. (As you can see I was a "blonde" Filipino girl with a blonde doll and that's my mom with her jet-black hair holding up the dress. By the way, I totally dig her outfit!)

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