Practicing Self-Compassion

30 Jan
Aloha is...remembering to practice self-compassion - especially while recovering from an injury.

As I stood in front of the mirror, looking at how my body fit into my swimsuit, I felt shame. I didn't recognize myself and yet this body looked familiar. Then, it hit me. This is how my mother's body looked at this age.

I turned left, then right and then turned around only to see how tight it fit in the rear. With a heavy sigh, I thought, why would my husband want this?

Then, I caught myself. "Who 'dis?" I asked.  "These thoughts don't belong to me either!"

I will not body shame myself. Instead, I will practice self-compassion. So, I gave myself credit for putting the swimsuit on, knowing less activity and more junk food would undoubtedly lead to weight gain, and for having the courage to swim again.

I can't blame anyone - not even my injuries. In fact, I thank my injuries for this hard lesson in loving myself. I'm grateful to be reminded that there's more to life than how you look in a swimsuit or how pretty you are. I'm grateful to be alive, to be loved and to have the opportunity to rise to the challenge and make a change no matter how difficult - one bite, one rep, one lap, one day at a time. No matter how many setbacks I face, I'll do the work and persevere. My health is counting on it.

It's easy to blame other people or circumstances for your problems. It's been almost four months since my back and hip injury on the job. And, just when I thought I was improving, my back went out again after New Year's. Now, there's a continuous dull pain and discomfort that makes me nervous about exercising. And, I need an MRI.

As an active woman, I'd be lying if I didn't admit how this injury has taken a mental toll on me. I know the importance of movement to create positive mental and emotional movement. So, imagine how hard it is for me to admit I've been mildly depressed for a while now.

I realized I had been fighting off negative thoughts, which led to negative actions, like poor eating choices. Already missing my training and already in physical pain, the results led to my spiral in shame, too. 

But I caught those negative thoughts and now I'm rewriting them!

Everyone has setbacks in Life.  But setbacks are just another opportunity to regroup and reconnect with yourself - or anything else that you might have missed along the way or simply need reminding of - and remind yourself what's truly important.

If you have a setback.  Don't worry.  They are temporary.  Practice self-compassion, self-love and self-care.  We all need to hit the "pause" and "rewind" buttons once in a while.  There's plenty of time to hit "play."

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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