Receiving Love & Light

21 Feb
Aloha is ... receiving love and light when you need it most.

People assume so much about me and my life. Because they equate living in a beautiful place like sunny San Diego as heaven, people love to assume my life is perfect. It is not. Of course, it's not. 

Life is beautiful, but Life is not perfection. For anyone.

My life is especially beautiful, but it's not especially perfect! That's just absurd. I love so much about my life, but it does not come without challenges, struggles or hardship at times. And, now is one of those times, but nothing I can't handle.

I'm coming up on my eighth anniversary and I'm already asking myself what's the same, what's different and what's better? Have I made progress?  To me, Life is about progress. There will always be up's and down's. There is always movement, but is there progress?

I practice aloha in my life to make progress, never expecting perfection. I don't chase perfection anymore. I gave that up when I left Connecticut. I live more in the moment now. That was a key reason for moving out west. I wanted to learn more about living in the moment and being grateful for it.

A-HA! And so I have made progress because I have learned to better live in the moment. I can be more engaged in the present and I can be more grateful for what that moment brings.

And, in that moment is love. Love is what I've always been chasing - specifically self-love. And I've got it now. But sometimes you do crave the love of others to get you through Life's harder challenges or the moments when your own self-love is being tested.

This trip was born out of love. I've come here to spread love, but it has also been punctuated all along the way with moments of love and light from others when I needed it most.

Thank you, Shelly and Tracey. You have both been a source of love and light and that makes my journey better.

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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