Setting Good Intentions by the Sea

31 Dec

There's nothing worse than being sick for any length of time.  But I got hit by this year's cold and flu season hard.  And, from what I hear, everyone's had it or everyone's getting it.

Well after being sick for a whole three weeks, including Christmas (I toughed it out), I finally put down the remote to the Netflix binge-watching addiction I developed, threw off the wool blanket, peeled myself off the couch and disrobed from my purple "Granny" robe and pajamas to leave the house with my husband just for a quick jaunt to the Encinitas Meditation Gardens.  This beautiful, healing environment by the ocean is one of the most sought-after areas by locals and tourists alike.  It's a breathtaking work of art of lush greenery and coy ponds with a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean. It's also one of the few spots that I know of where you must remain completely quiet while you admire the view outward and calmly retreat inward.

There I sat, with my Boo in this sanctuary by the sea to set good intentions for 2020.  Sitting in nature is one of the best forms of self-care.  Sitting quietly with your own thoughts, meditating or doing breath work is a natural form of medicine that anyone could benefit from.  It does wonders for your mind as it can help you gain clarity or at least slow it down a notch from the everyday madness for a moment.  It's an opportunity to practice mindfulness, or being in the present.  What an easy form of therapy that promotes mental health.

And, it simply takes practice.  It's not about doing it right or being perfect.  It is simply about being.

There I sat for a few moments with my Boo to pray for myself, my friends and my family that this year brings us all newfound courage, strength, love, health, happiness, abundance and, most of all, peace.

Happy Aloha New Year and Aloha Blessings for Health, Happiness and Success!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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