Sharing a Memory that Brings Peace, Comfort and Joy to Others

10 Apr
Aloha is ...when you have the courage to reach out and share a memory that brings peace, comfort and joy to others.

Every so often, one of my posts elicits a response from one of my beautiful Pineapples on Facebook.  Last night, I received some kind feedback on yesterday's daily affirmation ("Nothing can stop me") via Facebook instant messenger from someone who also took the time to share a little bit about his life and this story - just in time for National Siblings Day:

"Baseball has always been my number one passion and, I want you to know, I always looked up to your brothers as role models when I was coming up in high school. They were two of the best players I ever played with and, to this day, I give them credit for being hard on me and for driving me to step up my game and become the player I was.  And by the way, I have a favorite picture of me, that was in the newspaper a million years ago,  which also captures both of your brothers and your father in the background.  It’s funny, I have always noticed all three of them being in the photo, because I always looked up to all three of them."

This photo has been hanging in Chris Couture's father's house for 25 years and yet it's the first time I'm seeing it.  Not only does it show Chris up at bat and my two brothers and father watching, but it also shows both my grandparents!  I cannot tell you how much Chris's memory ignited my own fond memories of our grandparents going to every game they could!  (My youngest brother, Juan, is in the doorway of the dugout; my other brother, Tom, is lying on the hill with his friends; my grandparents are sitting in chairs; and my father is standing behind them wearing the baseball cap with the "C" on it, which stands for "Connecticut."  Tom played ball for UConn.)

This story brought so much joy to my family as we miss my grandfather dearly, especially on this holiday. This is the first Good Friday and Easter there won't be children, potato pancakes or an Easter egg hunt at Grandma's house. My 95-year-old grandmother is alone, but has my father and this story to help make the holiday a little brighter!

During a week when I had already been thinking of him, I choose to believe my grandfather played a part in this little scenario to remind us he's still watching and coaching us from the sidelines. It brings me so much comfort and peace.

It is such a beautiful gift when someone shares themselves and their memories. This kind of courage truly brings love, kindness and positivity to the world. 

Chris, thank you for reaching out to me, for bringing happiness into my family's life and for inspiring others with your courage, love and kindness. Aloha!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha.

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