Sharing Common Denominators in Teaching Courage

17 Feb

Aloha is.... sharing common denominators in teaching courage.

It's amazing how many educators I know, but what's more amazing is listening and learning about how these educators navigate the terrain of challenges our children face today in and out of the classroom.

As technology advances our society in one aspect, I'm hearing more and more about how our society slides backwards in other aspects, ie in the decline of self-worth/self-esteem in our children.

Educators are on the front lines facing the dangers lurking in our society - through our children.
It takes real creative genius, passion, persistence, dedication and courage to help our children rise above, conquer and learn from these challenges to achieve optimal health, happiness and success.

The greatest tools we can arm our children with are the abilities to:

☑️ ask for and accept help when necessary without feeling shame or embarrassment

☑️ think independently or disagree respectfully

☑️ offer constructive criticism

☑️ step outside of their comfort zones

☑️ practice kindness and compassion

☑️ work well with others by combining strengths (instead of always competing) and

☑️ encourage and support each other along the way.

Educators are real-life, everyday superheroes and, Daniele, I couldn't be more proud of your special approach and achievements in making the world a better place with your positive attitude and actions.

You are my hero!

Live, Love and Lead with Aloha!

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