Spreading Aloha One Jar at a Time

11 Aug

Aloha is...is spreading love, kindness and compassion one pineapple jar at a time.  This "Your Daily Aloha" jar went to my friend, Stephanie, and her darling 2-year-old Ava, who's saying, "Cheeeese!"

In this jar of positive vibes, she'll find a 30-day supply of inspirational quotes, customized positive affirmations, and some candy to sweeten her day.

I first met this gorgeous preschool teacher when she joined my women empowerment-through-exercise squad a few years ago. Since then, she's become a wife, mom, and wellness warrior! Today, Stephanie advocates for a less-toxic environment and promotes better health and well-being through the Beautycounter** skincare line. This #betterbeauty brand bans over 1,800 harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients from all of their formulations.

With Stephanie's help, I found my glow again. I had already been using some of her products for a year, but I still hadn't taken my skincare regimen seriously until this summer. I had taken my skin for granted and just got lazy!

As an empowerment and self-love coach and wellness advocate myself, skin care has become the focal point of my NEW daily self-care regimen and self-love journey for better mental health and well-being. @beautycounter literally helps me love the skin I'm in - inside and out! What a boost in self-esteem!

Thank you, Stephanie, for introducing me to Beautycounter, sharing your Aloha spirit, and helping me find my glow again!

**This is NOT a paid endorsement!

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