Spreading Aloha One Pineapple Jar at a Time

21 Nov

Aloha is...spreading love, kindness, and compassion one pineapple jar at a time and gifting sick children with cards and toys for the holidays.

Today's "Your Daily Aloha" Jars go to Girl Scout extraordinaires and local superheroes Leah and her mom, Casey.

I met this mother-daughter duo when I worked as an activities director at a senior living community. Leah is a Girl Scout and Casey is a Girl Scout Leader. They and their troop were integral in helping me run special events for my residents for years. From Halloween and Mother's Day tea parties to Christmas caroling and crafting and our annual Chef Showdown, these ladies (and even her husband and son) have became a part of our extended family. Leah even volunteered outside of the scouts to help our residents reach their own community service goal of 100 no-sew kitten blankets for a local animal center.

Leah is so compassionate and driven to make a difference in the world that she's now working on her Girl Scouts Silver Award. Today, this high school freshman is hosting a drive-thru card and toy drive to donate to kids up to 18 years old at Whitefield SSSIHMS Hospital in Bangalore, India.

And, this is just one more reason to give Leah my first "Be Your Own Hero" Pineapple design. She is not only using her superpowers in love, kindness, and compassion to create positive actions in her own life, but also to help others.

⭐⭐⭐If you want to help Leah spread aloha to these sick children in India, please stop by with a card or toy or contact her mom at:

Let's send Leah some #positivevibes to help her reach her goal.

*Each "Your Daily Aloha" Jar contains a 30-day supply of customized positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, and candy to sweeten your day and empower your life.

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