Spreading Aloha One Pineapple Jar at a Time

28 Aug

Aloha is...spreading love, kindness and compassion one pineapple jar at a time. Today's "Your Daily Aloha" Jar* goes to the board exams! Meet Samantha, aka "Cha Cha," student-beauty pageant winner-acapella star-turned-medical professional.

I first met Cha Cha when I answered an ad on Craigslist to sublet a room in a townhouse in San Diego eight years ago. Cha Cha was a fun-loving, singing, beauty queen and UCSD student majoring in biochemistry-chemistry with aspirations to become a pharmacist. I lived with her and two other students.  When the summer ended and the original housemate returned from her internship in LA, I lost my room. With nowhere to live and no job, Cha Cha and the crew didn't hesitate to let me stay rent-free! Even though I lived in their living room, I was safe, secure, and surrounded by people who cared about me. Within months, that housemate moved out, I got a job and I moved back into my old room! I never forgot their kindness and compassion for my circumstances in starting life over. 

Fast forward to now: Cha Cha not only graduated from college, but she also went on to get her master's and her doctorate degree in pharmacy (PharmD)!

The last hurdle to jump before becoming a licensed pharmacist is to pass her board exams next month! 

Let's send Cha Cha aloha vibes so she can empower people with her Aloha spirit and educate them on how to use pharmaceutical drugs appropriately so they can heal their bodies and improve their health and well-being?


*Each "Your Daily Aloha" Jar contains a 30-day supply of customized positive affirmations, inspirational quotes, and candy to sweeten your day and empower your life. Designed to cultivate a positive mindset, lift your spirits, and encourage you to pursue your goals and dreams, this self-care package is customized to suit the recipient's needs. From depression, anxiety, fear, grief, divorce, or job loss to celebrating motherhood, nuptials, a new job, or other exciting life event, these jars are meant to inspire hope, spread positivity, and bless you with the Aloha spirit.

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