Spreading Aloha One Pineapple Jar at a Time

14 Sep

Aloha is...spreading love, kindness, and positivity one pineapple jar at a time. Today's "Your Daily Aloha" Baby Girl Jar goes to my cousin's wife, Shannon Kay, to celebrate becoming a mother this year!

Meet Kenzie, who was born during Covid and is now 5 months old. Kenzie is learning how to sit and stand, but today she's a total ham.  Isn't she the cutest little pineapple?

A lawyer by day, Shannon received this jar of positive affirmations and inspirational quotes to empower her as a new mom, wife, and career woman.

Mothers are the caregivers of the world. They are natural-born nurturers who encourage growth with love, kindness, and compassion, but they need it, too! They need to recharge their bodies, restore their spirits, and reset their mindset regularly to be able to keep going and continue helping others. When mothers are happy and healthy, their families are happy and healthy!

Welcome to the joys of motherhood, Shannon, and welcome to the world, Kenzie!

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